America is Different

To anyone who has read any of my many posts on the sites I frequent, you know that I respect and believe in history as our best teacher.  I am a constant reader and student of history.  I still have much to learn and discover but the journey is enlightening.

Today I met with a new friend.  We discussed many things and had a wonderful time together although we totally bored his wonderful and very patient young daughter.  She was an angel to let the "two old men" visit and get to know each other.  We're really not old but compared to her youth we are ancient I know.

This is especially the time to build close, trusted friends and community.

During that visit, I had one of those moments that we all have occasionally when something just clicks and the pieces all seem to fall into place.  Let me share that moment with you.

I've been pondering how in the world we are going to get our wonderful Country back to what our founders intended for it to be.  The Country they passed down to us with a form of government that had never been seen in history.  A Constitutional Republic with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that I believe are touched by the hand of God.  How else could it be explained, logically and with common sense, that it had never happened before in recorded history.  We were truly blessed.

For most, if not all of my lifetime, that same Constitution has been under severe attack.  The attacks actually started many years before that but have gained strength in the past forty to fifty years.

Now we have come to a point in our history where we have never been before.  We have the perfect storm brewing for what would be the final attack and most likely the end of the war for our Country completely.  All that would remain would be the final wiping up of any dissenters that remained.  As has been violently done in past history.

How did we get here?  Silence, apathy, and negligence are the biggest reasons.  Silent when we needed to speak to stop the erosion of our rights.  Apathy when we should have been involved and paying attention to what was going on.  Negligence when we should have been standing up and stopping what was happening in any way that the situation warranted.  Our Country deserved that and the Constitution required it but we failed.

Now here we stand.  Facing the results of our actions.  We're responsible for where we are.  No one else.  Us.  All the citizens of this Country.

What are we to do?  We're a divided nation on this question.

Some want to continue on the road that has taken most of the freedoms we once enjoyed away.  Some have even suggested we do away with the Constitution all together.  Has that not been their goal from the start?

Many want to regain our lost greatness by returning to the Constitutional Republic as we were established.  I am in this group.

The point at which we have arrived is very scary and I am afraid for my Country and my fellow citizens.  I do not see an easy way out of this situation.  History's road map in these situations does not show a happy ending.  In the past, most civilizations at this point in their history have ended in government  caused mass killings for the sake of governmental control of the masses.  Millions upon millions have perished in this manner.  Far larger numbers than by any other form of man made or natural death in the history of mankind.

I see no way that we will avoid this same confrontation, whether it be tomorrow, next week, next month, or years in the future.  History says that it will come because of the nature of the beings that run our government just like the governments in past history.  Their hunger for power must be satisfied regardless of the cost to the citizens or what those citizens lose in the way of their liberties and freedoms.

So was this my awakening moment?  My epiphany?


What I realized today was that America is different.  There has never been an America before in past history.  So even though history can show us the path of how we got here to this point in our Country's history, it cannot show us the outcome because that history has not been written.  Anywhere, at any time.

Why are we so different?  Because, as I said at the beginning of this article, we are a Constitutional Republic with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are touched with the hand of God.  Never in the history of the world has any civilization been "birthed" with the natural right of self defense built into it's being, it's design.

America has that.

We were born with the "right to keep and bear arms" ingrained in us.  We've never known anything else.  It's who we are as a Country, as a people.  That's what is different about us.  The ones of us that believe in the Constitution as what it is, our rule of law as a Country, know and understand this was our origin.

For this reason, we are very different than any other civilization in the history of mankind and we are poised to create new a history.  To prove that our Country was established and blessed by God.  To change the history that has happened in other civilizations of the past.  We have that rare opportunity to actually rewrite history and establish a new precedent for any future civilizations to follow for their creation.

In fact, I think this history is already written, because of our "birthing".  Because of our wise, God guided Founders.  Because of them we have the numbers of armed citizens never before seen in history.  No government has ever been faced with such a force as we have in America and that was the Founders full intent.  Their failure and defeat is assured.  All that is required is that we stand at our line in the sand and never retreat one, single inch.  Never give in on any loss of liberty or freedom from this point forward.  This will not be easy but it is what is required of us and in this we must not fail or our chance will be lost most likely forever.

How can I say their failure and defeat is assured?  History!

History is all they have to go by.  They look at what other governments have done in the past and they emulate and hope to achieve the same results.

In any other civilization before in history that would most likely work but AMERICA IS DIFFERENT!

They have overlooked this point in their arrogance and it will be their downfall, their destruction.  So if we do our part, their destruction is assured.

I am still scared for my Country even though in my heart I am assured that we will win the coming confrontation.  I don't want to face what's coming, what logical, common sense person could ever want such a thing, but I will not turn away from my Country in it's hour of need when it does come.  I will not initiate it but I will finish it.  I will not relish it but I will endure it.  I do not look for it's beginning but pray for it's speedy end.

My biggest concern is not for the winning but of what will come after it.  We must prepare now for the full reestablishment of the Constitutional Republic that we were created as and our Founders intended us to be, so America can continue to be different.

I pray that God will bless us in this endeavor as he so graciously blessed the Founders before us.

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