Common Sense

I guess I will be call a fear monger for posting things such as this but so be it. I've never paid much attention to name calling in the first place.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about re-educating Americans to their true Founding Documents as they are written and not as they have been interpreted by a government that has only IT'S best interest at heart.

However, along with the duty and responsibility I believe I, and in fact ALL of us, have to do that, we also have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and our families. We have the responsibility to be as prepared as we can be for any disaster or emergency that comes our way. The reality of our future is that we WILL suffer some disaster or emergency in the Country and it possibly will affect a large number of us.

It is NOT the place of government to do that for us. If we choose to think that way, we are doing nothing except making ourselves slaves of that same government because they are NOT going to do it without cost to US. That cost will ALWAYS be to the tune of our monies and our freedoms and liberties.

I personally am not willing to give those things up for something that I can and should do for myself.

In recent years, the term prepper has been sensationalized. Usually in a derogatory way. It has now become non-politically correct to provide for yourself and your family. If you don't depend on government you are shunned and denigrated. That could not be farther from what the Founders intended for us as a Country. In fact, it's an insult to them and the legacy they left us.

In fact, if you are NOT a prepper, you are doing yourself, your family, your community, and your Country a disservice.

There are a tremendous number of sites out there that tell you what to do and they provide you with a load of excellent information. What I'm going to provide here will be the basics but it will keep you from starving to death and initially that will be the biggest challenge that will have to be faced to keep the government out of your life.

I know this information is out on the internet somewhere but I'm not sure who to credit for it. I will just say it's not my original idea. What this is will provide the basic nutritional needs for a family of 4 to eat for one year. It's not gourmet or even a big variety. What it IS, is easy and cheap to get.

The reason I'm publishing this now is because I have a strong sense that our time is growing exponentially shorter by the day. If you are not already prepared, the time to do so might be extremely short. What I'm presenting here is something that most could do in a week or at most a month's time even on a very limited budget. Then from that point, you can build as you have time and money to do so to even more fill out your pantry.

Here are the list of food items you will need. This is the original "recipe" I have but I will make notes on the easiest way to accomplish it.

  • 4 x 22 pounds of white rice rice. I prefer 2 - 50# bags from Costco, Sams or anywhere else you can get it.
  • 2 x 11 pounds of Kidney Beans.  (22 one pound bags)
  • 2 x 11 pounds of barley.  (22 one pound bags)
  • 2 x 11 pounds of yellow lentils.  (22 one pound bags)
  • 1 x 5.5 pounds of split green peas.  (6 one pound bags)
  • 1 x 5.5 chick peas/garbanzo beans.  (6 one pound bags)
  • 30 pounds beef or chicken bouillon.  (or both) It will be added to each batch as you cook it.

Internet sources are the cheapest for the legumes and bouillon. I also prefer an NON-msg bouillon myself but that is your choice. Just search the internet and you will find many sources for all the items. I try to buy all I can from a single source to save shipping but that is not always possible.

Certainly you can buy all these items locally and there is some benefit to that such as paying cash so it cannot be tracked by the government if they choose to do that. You will most likely pay more but not a tremendous amount.

So what does this cost? Are you sitting down?

How about $250 or possibly less. That is ONE YEAR'S worth of food for a family of FOUR!

Now, I didn't say you would get fat on it. Or enjoy it. But you would not starve on it. However, I consider it to be just a "base" for a starting point.

Consider this. This is a soup recipe. This is how you use the these ingredients.

8 oz of rice

2 oz of red kidney beans

2 oz of pearl barley

2 oz of lintels

1 oz of split green peas

1 oz of chick peas/garbanzo’s

Bouillon to taste

Mix all the ingredients with 6-7 cups of water and boil until the ingredients are soft, probably around an hour. I personally would soak the kidney beans overnight before cooking them to speed cooking and make them more digestible.  This should be enough to feed 4 adults for 2 days, especially if you can make bread to go along with it.

Now this is the good part. This is just the base. Add meat, dried or fresh vegetables, garlic, potatoes, or just about anything you can think of and have on hand.

See where this is going? From this point the possibilities are just about endless which means this can apply to many varied tastes by varying the ingredients and any spices you have in stock. Stock some wheat and you can grind flour to make your own bread.

So after you have this stocked you can then begin working on stocking your other ingredients to increase the quantity and quality of the food you will have to eat.

Another source of savings and food storage is canning and drying your own food. You can pressure can all the various meats to use with these ingredients and you can also dry all the vegetables like potatoes, green beans, okra, carrots, onions, and many others.

So see how easily and quickly this can happen. It's not the difficult or outrageously expensive situation that many make it out to be.

Really there is no excuse not to do it. Most people blow that amount of money each month on going out to eat or other entertainment. Don't become a refugee, prepare now while you have the chance.

What is your family's safety and security worth to you? Get started today.

Have you ever asked yourself that question? What is worth dying for?

If you haven't I say it is past time you did and get a definitive answer.

With the things that are happening in the world these days, I think it is a question worth giving some thought to.

If you have not bothered to think about that, then what really is important to you? God? Family? Country? Your stuff?

What REALLY is important enough to you that you would do whatever it took to protect it, up to and including giving your own life?

That is a major problem in America these days. We have no "grounding", no foundation to build that type of commitment on. When this Country was founded, that foundation was Judeo-Christian principles, morals, and ethics. You didn't have to be a "christian" to uphold those principles, you just had to accept them as the standard and generally live by them. THAT is what is so missing in our society today, a standard.

I am so sick and tired of hearing religion, meaning Christianity, torn down. What honestly is so bad about teaching people to be good, loving, and caring to their fellow human beings? REALLY? That's a bad thing?

History shows that if humans don't have something like Christianity to hold on to they will naturally move toward evil practices. It's in our nature. Surprisingly, Christianity teaches about human nature and it's evil side too.

So am I preaching that everyone needs to be Christian? That would be nice and humanity would be much better off but that cannot and will not ever happen. However, I say again, what is so wrong with teaching people to be nicer, kinder, and more loving to each other?

We NEED a standard of behaviour. Without a standard we each "do our own thing" and we see where that is getting us.

So again, I ask, what would you give your life for?

Many will say "my family". Really? Prove it? The proof is in your actions, not words.

Well this is why a "standard" is so important. It give us the foundation and then "intestinal fortitude" to make decisions when we need to make them and then to take action on those decisions.

What are you DOING today that shows you have a standard and are willing to sacrifice yourself for your family?

I'm not saying you should go out and give your life right now needlessly just to prove a point but if you are not doing the things needed to protect your family NOW to the best of your ability, can you honestly say you would when the situation gets really critical?

Everything I have written and will write here has one main underlying theme, take care of yourself and your family to the best of your ability. To hell with the rest until family is taken care of.

If you want to fix the Country, fix your family first.

I believe with all my heart our time is running short for preparing ourselves for the coming hardships. We must do everything in our power to prepare our families to survive. Once the time of survival begins there will be no more time to prepare, it will be day to day survival. Anything you can do now to make that easier is exactly what you must do. It's your job, your responsibility, no one elses, most especially not the government.

We must all do everything we can to become as self sufficient as possible. Anything we have to depend on others to provide us is a weak link in our preparations. No, we will never be able to cover all bases but that should not stop us from trying the closer we get to that goal the better off our families will be.

Look at your individual situation, analyze it, write down the areas that require outside resources. Start with the basics, food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. Then pick somewhere and start. I would suggest the easiest first so you can get it off your list quicker and move on to something else.

Let's take water as an example. Let's say you currently have city water provided by a water line into your house. A relatively easy solution would be to get some barrels and set them up to collect rain water. There are many ways to do this and it's a relatively easy task to accomplish. If you were forced to use the water in them you could boil the water for drinking and use it straight to flush toilets and such. That's a very simplistic explanation and yes, there is a little more to it than that, but you get the idea. It CAN be done with minimal expense and effort but it DOES REQUIRE SOME EFFORT AND ACTION on your part.

That is the point, take ACTION, NOW. Don't wait. Don't put it off. DO IT NOW!

Do the things now that you can so you don't have to possibly sacrifice yourself later by being forced into a situation out of your control. Do it now while you at least have some control over the situation and therefore the outcome too.

So let me rephrase the initial question, is YOUR FAMILY worth giving your life for? If your answer is yes, then start today putting yourself and your family in the best position possible to avoid that being a necessity. To try to avoid having to go out in search of food and water in an area where you may be likely to lose your life doing so if things turn bad.

It's just a decision, YOUR decision. Do you make that decision now, under control, or do you make it when control is taken from you and you are forced to make it under duress because your family is starving or dying of thirst?

As if we need more proof that "We the People" have zero say and impact on national politics, it was again slammed in our faces.

We told the politicians in November we are tired of the ways things are going and we want it to stop.

How did they respond?

They passed a 1.1 trillion budget and gave up all the possible points of strength they could have negotiated from.

We told them since then that we wanted the person most responsible for leading that surrender replaced.

How did they respond?

The reelected him for another two years.

60 percent of us at a minimum, (I think it is higher than that) wanted boehner gone.

If ANYONE needed ANY proof  we no longer matter in national politics you should finally have your definitive answer.

We are merely the ruled. The source for the money to keep the RULERS in power and comfortable. The SERFS!

I we ever needed any more evidence of what I have been saying, that our only option is to withdraw, we now have that evidence.

We must withdraw.

Withdraw consent to be governed by these people.

Withdraw our monies and our energies that support them and keep them in power.

Withdraw our support for companies that support them. Deal with local companies. Even if it costs more in the short term it will save you money in the long term.

Take any support you might have given to ANY national politician and place it will local and State candidates. Get to know them. Make them your focus.

The representative American Republic is dead. Not dying. DEAD! Waste no more resources in that area.

At this point, if we do not strengthen our State and local governments they will not be able to withstand the onslaught of what is coming.

The States are the only thing standing between us and the federal juggernaut.

That, after, all is how this Country was created and designed to be. In order of importance it was supposed to be the people, the State, and lastly the federal government. The States were always intended to be the intermediary between us and the federal government.

It is time we force our State governments to take up that position and do their job. They operate from a position of strength, even if they don't currently believe it or accept it.

If the States do not or will not stand up for us, then we are left with only one option, to stand for ourselves.

We should at least make the attempt to get our States to stand for us. Some of us might be successful and if so others will follow.

I feel time is short though. There are so many things that could bring all this down around our ears very quickly. Fortunately, any progress we can make in our States will help us when things do collapse since the States are closer to us.

So,bottom line? Write off national politics and go local.

This makes sense to me, more than anything I have read in quite some time. Even though I know in the long run it will not have any real affect on the end game that we face. It would still be nice to see some backbone and courage shown for a change.

The Last Resort: Replace John Boehner

Crominbus was the last straw. Conservatives are now absolutely livid at the RINO Establishment. Rarely, if ever, has such an unmistakable voter mandate been so brazenly nullified before the newly elected could even take office. Calls escalate to "end" the Republican Party because conservatives cannot change it. By contrast, Rush Limbaugh, while lamenting that "the losers in the last election [got] pretty much everything they want[ed]," nevertheless rejects the third party call: "taking over the Republican Party is better."

Sarah Palin protests that what House Speaker John Boehner and 162 Republican "yahoos" did "stinks to high heaven," for which Rep. Gohmert expects Boehner to be rewarded with Democrat votes for speaker. Palin declares open season on RINOs, including replacing Boehner. Conservatives find it especially galling -- and intolerable -- to have a Speaker who (a) shows utter contempt for the representatives whose election resulted in his ascension to power; and (b) does everything he can to subvert the wishes, interests and values of these representatives and their constituents.

It could take years replace or seize control of the Republican Party, by which time everything this country has stood for could be destroyed. However, there is a clearly viable short term strategy. Oust Boehner from the speakership -- now!

If the 2014 and 2010 elections are to have any meaning at all, if all the work and promises made to elect Republican majorities in both houses of Congress are not to be completely nullified, replacing Boehner must be considered the top priority. (Although Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell deserves recognition for his zealous defense of freedom of speech, he too should be replaced because he is a RINO stooge, as Andrew McCarthy makes plain. However, due to different House and Senate procedures, what follows is confined to Boehner.)

RINO Methods

The RINO modus operandi is crystal clear. First, RINOs savagely and falsely smear conservatives who offer a choice in Republican primaries, even courting Democrat votes with classic shameless Democrat-style race-baiting.

Second, after working and spending vast sums to defeat conservatives in primaries, the Establishment demands that conservatives support RINOs in general elections because Democrats are allegedly worse and conservatives have no place else to go. After the lame-duck effrontery the country just suffered, defiant RINO nullification of an election won by candidates who campaigned on the appeal and strength of conservative promises, the "lesser evil" siren song has lost a lot of its appeal.

Third, and most important, while demanding conservative "lesser evil" support for RINO nominees, the Establishment often does not reciprocate. Nor are RINOs content to remain mute about their distaste for conservative nominees. Instead, RINOs feel free to trash conservative Republican nominees. Then Establishment "experts" pontificate that conservative candidates can't win general elections because they are incompetent, too extreme and just plain nuts. Obviously, when a conservative primary winner has to fight not only a Democrat opponent but also malicious attacks by those supposed to be on his or her own side, it is grossly unfair to declare him or her unelectable.

The Lesson: Turnabout Is Fair Play

Read the rest at American Thinker

It's well worth the time.

Time is short so contact your conservative representatives is you have them and encourage them to "play hardball" and show the establishment traitors they mean business. Yes, traitors. They have sold their Country into slavery with their actions and Boehner is the leader.

There should be absolutely no discussion needed about this. The way Boehner do US and his fellow representatives out by giving the democrats everything they wanted without even a fight is way beyond even reprehensible. He lied to his own party members so they should have absolutely no problem with doing whatever it takes to see him gone NOW.

My posts over the past few days and weeks have shown a definite change in my mindset I believe.

For quite some time now I have definitely felt there is no turning back what we have done to our Country. I say WE, because it is the fault of us all. The ones that have taken actions to destroy this Country and the ones that have taken no action to save it from them. We have listened to their lies and fallen for all their deceit. I recently read an article by a woman who runs a really nice blog named Rural Revolution. She also writes for World Net Daily. Her article is here.

Her name is Patrice Lewis and she hits the nail on the head. The article is a big picture of what we have been force fed for years now and expected to believe without question. Anyone with half a brain now knows the government lies more than they tell the truth. Common sense tells us that what they say cannot possibly be true. Math doesn't lie and the math of their figures and reality just doesn't add up.

So, as we enter the new year of 2015, I believe that is the thing that is more important to us all, to truly be preparing for the new year and beyond.

Whatever that means to you is what you should do. Whatever that meaning is though, it must mean taking action. The time for sitting idle and waiting is past. If no action is taken now, you have no one but yourself to blame. You have been warned repeatedly. The facts have been presented plainly. This is not fear mongering. This is pure history at work and history DOES repeat.

I personally have resigned myself to the fact there is no recovering from where we are. We've gone too far down the rabbit hole to turn around.

What that means though is a positive actually. It means we now can devote all our energies to getting ready for what is coming, whatever that is and however severe it is. We can prepare and face it head on. That's the way Americans REALLY handle situations like this.

I will continue to cuss and discuss current events as they occur, however, my main focus will be on helping you think and use common sense to prepare you and your families for what lies ahead of us. We can't completely know what to expect but we can make some common sense assumptions based on history. If we prepare using common sense tactics, we will not be wasting our precious time and resources.

As an example, I have said that reading and gaining knowledge is one way to prepare. How can that be a bad thing even if nothing bad ever happens to you? It has a positive affect with little to no negative affects.

That is the way I will be approaching this with you. It's the way I'm doing things and I certainly don't have time, funds, or energy to waste so I will not suggest you do any different. My way is certainly not the only way to do things. It's just my way.

My hope is that I give you some guidance, some things to make you think, some things I do that I know work for me and my family. Take what you can use and leave the rest. However you do things and whatever you do, just use good old common sense and you'll be much further ahead of most other people in the Country.

From today forward I will move this discussion to the Self Sufficient Living Section of the blog so please check over there for more and expanded information. I will try to do at least one daily post there, sometimes more. I will separate them into different sections to make reference easier.

I sincerely believe that God will bless those that try to do the right things for their families. Those blessings might not be initially evident when you are in the midst of hard times but they will be there. I urge you to pray for guidance and wisdom. I do so myself everyday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

We all need those special family times. As we move into the period of history I see us moving in to those times will become even more special and needed.

On a personal note, I have been blessed with two wonderful and wise Christian parents. They are both what I would call traditional godly parents. They have tried through the years to teach us right and wrong, not just by their words but mainly by their actions.

Over the past few years, I have enjoyed many very deep and enlightening conversations with them. My father has been a minister since the mid 1970's. Not only does he have biblical knowledge, he has what I will call worldly knowledge and common sense logic. I claim whatever of those skills I have came from him and his teachings.

The day after Christmas this year I went over to their house to help clean up after the family gathering Christmas night. As usual mom already had most of it done. That's just her way. The house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy she says. It certainly never stays messy for very long though.

Anyways, as is often the case, dad and I began a rather deep discussion. I generally begin the discussion with some question about something I have been pondering. This time it was a question about how humans have or have not changed since the old testament times.

I consider myself somewhat of a student of human nature. So my point was that I did not believe we were any different overall as individuals. He made some points that were extremely thought provoking to me. I'll paraphrase and share some of his common sense logic with you.

1. There has always been and always will be a struggle of good and evil.

2. If you follow bloodlines through the bible and history, many times you see the lines mainly adhering to either good or evil. In the bible, Abraham's direct lineage stayed mostly on the side of good and followed God. Ishmael's lineage, Abraham's son by a concubine, tended to evil. Sin begets sin and evil begets evil he said. As certain lineages grew more powerful they were able to influence either a turn to good or a turn to evil. Yes, humans DO make a choice to be evil just like they make a choice to be good. It's called free will. We aren't God's robots. Although, history does show that certainly lineages have the tendency to either good or evil.

3. Periods of history show one side or the other having dominance at different times.

4. We are moving into a period of evil being dominate for several reasons. The biggest one is that western civilization is shrinking. We are not having enough children to stay ahead of the death curve. So in essence our "good" culture is literally dying.

The end point of our conversation and the point I want to make here is that humans are still humans. Nothing throughout our entire history on this planer has ever truly changed, it just goes in a circle. It's just human nature.

Knowing that helps us to know the future with almost total certainty. No we can't know the time line for sure but we definitely can know what's coming based on what has happened in the past.

In the old testament, Israel constantly had cycles of good and evil. They would turn to God and prosper, then turn away from God and suffer, many times horribly.

Whether you believe in God or not. Whether you believe what we discussed about lineages and "God's people" or not.

In this situation that doesn't matter and it doesn't change the facts of history and human nature. When humans turn TO good, they prosper, when they turn away from good, they suffer. THAT IS THE POINT!

We are in one of those periods of turning AWAY from good/God right now. So, at some point, history tells us it will catch up to us and we will suffer the consequences for our actions.

No one on this earth knows how long we have before we "hit the wall" but it's coming faster and faster  with every passing day.

What better reason do we have to take whatever actions we can to protect and prepare our families first and then our Country is possible.

Today is the time to make your decision to take action. Take at least one step toward being more self sufficient today.

We MUST be continuing the withdrawal of our consent to be governed on a daily basis. It's the only semi-peaceful option we have left. Meaning we will do it peacefully if the government will allow us. That's doubtful of course.

What choices do we have left to us to regain even a small part of our lost freedom?

Seriously think about that for a moment. What choices do we have?

Has voting worked?

Nope. No matter who we put in office, government gets bigger, more powerful, and takes more of our freedom. So that choice is out.

Writing and calling our representatives AFTER they have been voted for? See above, same answer. So that choice is out.

Doing nothing and hoping it will all work out? Well, that is mostly what we've been doing for decades now and how's that choice working for us? It's not, so that choice is out.

Revolution/rebellion? That choice is still on the table and hasn't been tried in 230+ years. It worked the last time but there are no guarantees now. We're a different people now than we were then. Not as moral. Not as hardy and tough both mentally and physically. We're basically just wimps overall. Even the military is being beaten into submission. This is still an option but not one I really want to see happen until every other single choice we have has been exhausted.

I'm open to suggestions here but as I see it we really have only one choice other than revolution. Withdrawing our consent to be governed by a corrupt and tyrannical government. As the old saying goes, just say NO.

That's what I've really been talking about the past couple of days. Withdrawing our consent to be governed. NO government can exist in that situation. If the people refuse to be governed the government dies, it's that simple. That's not to say it's easy though but what are our other options? I'm listening.  (crickets chirping.........)

We have to, as a society, begin removing our consent in every way we possibly can. Stop feeding the monster. PERIOD!

I'm going to list a few ways we can start doing this. Yesterday I talked about gaining knowledge to start becoming self sustaining. That's the place to start but granted that takes time. We need things we can also do immediately that will make a difference. Here are a few I think would be a good start.

1.  Stop using credit cards and no new debt. Pay cash for everything possible or at a minimum write a check. This hurts the big banks which hurts the government. Heck, the big banks ARE the government or is it the other way around. I've lost track of who owns who. Either way they are the same monster. In fact, stop using banks all together except for the bare minimum to pay the necessary bills. Why leave any extra funds in the banks for them to use? It's safer in your pocket or buried in the back yard. They pay you no interest for it why feed them just to risk having it confiscated at some point?

2.  Start immediately to get out of debt. Whatever it takes. Rice and beans, beans and rice. Eat them, Love them. Same reason as above.

3.  Support your local economy. Stop buying outside your community. Stop with the foreign suppliers like walmart and others. Buy local and american made if possible. This hurts the importers which hurts the government. It also hurts the big corporations like walmart which support big government because of corporate welfare and subsidies. If you can, barter for goods. As you learn more skills, swap them to people for goods and services you need. This keeps dollars out of government hands and in the hands that earned them. Over time this is a HUGE way to take back freedom. Multiple statewide and national barter networks would cause havoc within the government.

4.  Even though I feel voting is generally a waste of time now  I will say this, forget about federal elections we have no impact there. Get local. Focus on getting people in control of your local city and county governments that believe in small government and individual rights. Run yourselves if necessary but make it happen. Next, State and take the same approach. In one election cycle many local and state governments could be turned very conservative if we tried. We have no time left to wait and see if someone else does it. YOU must do it.

5.  Withdraw from the consumer economy as much as you possibly can. Don't buy anything new that you can buy used from another individual. Again, barter if possible. Get your car fixed instead of buying a new one. Even better learn to fix it yourself and save even more money. Do anything you possibly can to not feed the monster by paying sales tax and other hidden taxes on each and every new purchase you make.

6. Come up with your own unique ways to starve the beast. These are just a few very basic ones to get you started and thinking about it. Just start though.

The choices are limited but the alternative is continuing in slavery and folks that is what we are now. Slaves. We are as much slaves as any people in past history. Just in different ways. We no longer control our income. We no longer control our lives. We no longer control our families. In fact, what DO we still control? Very little if anything by my estimation.

Make your choice or it will be made for you and you will NOT like the outcome.

One of my favorite sayings is that ignorance is curable with knowledge.

In fact, ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge. To be ignorant of something is not something to be ashamed of. Not being willing or trying to cure that ignorance though, now that is a different matter.

Several years ago, I realized how ignorant I was of knowledge and especially particular skills that I felt were needed by anyone who intended to be self sufficient.

I'm just an everyday guy who want's the best for his family. I have always been a handyman type person. The jack of all trades and master of none. I knew a little about a lot of things. However, I found myself lacking in what I would call "homesteading skills".

I made a conscious decision to gain the knowledge and skills I felt I needed so I began the journey.

What did I do first? READ! READ! READ!

I had never been an avid reader at all but as I started I found that it was something I truly enjoyed. It had probably been years, as in decades, since I had read a book from cover to cover. As I started this quest for knowledge I read dozens of different books. Some I bought to have for future reference. Some I got from the library. Some I read online.

This is a step that ANYONE can take immediately.

I read about gardening techniques. How to raise livestock. Blacksmithing. Knife making. Gunsmithing. Military matters and tactics. Solar energy. Herbal medicine. Essential oils. First Aid. How to drill wells. On and on and on. I continue to this day. Any subject that I thought might be of use to me, my family, and my community, I read about.

The knowledge I gained was tremendous.

Could I do all of the things I read about and do them well? Heck know BUT, I know what it takes and could figure it out if the necessity arose. At least I would know where and how to start.

So, you ask how can I start to take control of my life and begin to withdraw myself from government controls and retake my freedom?

I say again READ!

Begin with the basics. Food, shelter, water, clothing.

Begin reading about skills pertaining to those four categories.

To begin with I read multiple gardening books. Books on how to build different types of housing like timber framing, straw bale, cob, and others. I read about how to drill your own well, how to purify water, how to store water. I read about how to tan leather and make clothing from it, how to sew, how to knit, how to make linen from plant fibers.

Will I ever need some of that knowledge? Probably not, but that isn't really the point. If you have the knowledge, it can't be taken away from you just in case you DO ever need it. That alone makes you more free.

So just start. It's easy. Over the last 4-5 years I've acquired quite a nice library, mostly electronic, of reference material which I have stored on multiple sources. You can do it too.

Your freedom IS worth some effort isn't it?

More specifics on the way!

Let's talk about two of my favorite subjects today. Common sense and Freedom.

How do those two things go together?

I think most anyone today would have to agree that we are MUCH less free than we were yesterday, last week, last year, and definitely less than when the Founders created this Republic.

Where we are today is definitely not where they intended for us to be. We can see that by the restrictions they placed on government in the Founding Documents.

So how, really, did we get here?

Common sense says government requires basically two things to exist. You and your money, whatever form that money takes.

Government cannot exist without you and I to "govern" and it cannot exist without the funds to "govern". We all know where those funds come from.

So, again, using common sense logic, if either or both of those things are removed in large enough quantities, government will either be extremely restricted or cease to exist. THAT is what I want to focus on.

Over the past few days we have discussed how the elected representatives have totally disregarded our wishes, yet again. We've talked about each of us establishing and using our own "line in the sand". The biggest question is how do we do that. Once we establish we aren't going to take their crap any longer, how do we change things since we know with no doubt that our votes and voices no longer matter at all.

The answer to that is to remove one or both of their requirements to exist, US and OUR MONEY!

For quite some time now, several years, I have been working toward being more and more self sufficient. I've worked to gain all types of knowledge to assist me in that goal. I've read, studied, experimented where possible, and done what things I could afford to consistently move in that direction. I have not arrived but I have made significant improvements and advances. I've helped family members and friends when I could but I constantly wish I could do more.

Back to the common sense logic, think about this with me. If you are more self sufficient does that not take money out of the politicians pockets? If you pay less taxes does that not limit what the government has the ability to do? If you are more self sufficient does that not better shield you and your family when some crisis hits?

EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE has the capability to do something to be more self sufficient no matter where you live or what you do for a living. NOTHING you do is insignificant within the big picture. If enough of us do the little things along with a few of us doing more, we can and will have a major impact.

If you are doing something in this regards now, DO MORE. If you are doing nothing, just working and paying the government to do so, then get started. Think about some small things you can do. Grown vegetables in pots or a small plot. Have 3-4 chickens for eggs, it's simple. Cook at home instead of eating out, it's easy, and MORE HEALTHY once you learn how so don't give me the I don't have time excuse.

What's your family's safety, security, and FREEDOM worth to you? It's YOUR responsibility, not the government.

These things are merely a decision away and not making a definitive decision IS a decision also, so remember that.

Start today. Draw your line in the sand and begin taking your life and FREEDOM back from our tyrannical, freedom stealing  government.

We'll talk more in coming days about specific ways to do this.

What is YOUR line in the sand?

Have you ever considered that? Have you given any thought to what it would take for you to say, that's it, no more, this stops here and now?

I see lots of people in the streets for various reasons. Cops killing people and exerting too much power. Racism, real or imagined. Too many taxes. Too much government. The list goes on and on.

With all that and more, have you ever personally thought about your line in the sand?

I have many times. Yes, as many of us who have, unfortunately that line has also moved many times. So in that respect, it wasn't truly that definite line in the sand was it.

It's not easy to pick that point and then hold to it. Things change and so do we. However, if we change too much, then do we become something we never intended and don't want to be? Sort of like the old story of how to boil a frog. If you raise the temperature gradually the frog supposedly won't jump out of the pot.

That is exactly what government, especially ones in the western world, bet on. That they can subject you to the "new normals" so gradually, you won't jump out of the pot and make trouble for them. They use all those nice politically correct terms that are easy on the ears and fool you into submission over time. Illegal is no longer means illegal. Illegal has such a harsh sound to it you know.

Unconstitutional no longer means breaking the national rule of law. It's merely something those radical people say when they don't like something that is good for them like abortion, wealth redistribution, illegal amnesty, and forcing us to buy a product we don't want being force on them for their own good. We, the government and liberals, DO know what's good for you after all.

The the recent budget fiasco, we even saw republican senators refusing to stand up for the Constitution when directly confronted with a vote about the VERY unconstitutional actions of the executive branch of our government. They even criticized Ted Cruz for even bringing it up. How dare he do something so foolish as standing up for the Constitution and asking them to do the same.

Do you see the lunacy? The total insanity and lawlessness of our government! Dare I say, the unconstitutionality of our government!

When a representative or senator cannot stand up and raise the question of constitutionality of the actions being taken by ANYONE in government don't you think that should make you think about where you should draw your line in the sand?

So again I ask, what point it enough for you? When do you rise up and say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more?"

I personally have reached that point. We each will reach it at differing times. We also each will react in different ways.

How we react is less important than the point that we DO react. We MUST each do something when we reach our line in the sand.

So what will you do? When will you start?

I ask each of you to use your common sense. Use the Founding Documents as a guide. Search your hearts and minds and yes, most definitely, pray.

Many of the Founders would have done just those same things.

Should we do any less?

Then take action. We've already been asleep way to long.