Common Sense

America was formed as a Constitutional Republic.

Originally, we elected representatives to the House and the States appointed Senators, unfortunately that was later changed to popular election which diminished the power of the States.

This form of government was intended to keep the power with the people first and then with the States. Most certainly NOT with the federal government. It WAS limited by specific enumerated powers. This was done for a reason, a very specific reason. Human nature. It is in human nature to take as much power as we can get if we are allowed so we must be restricted. Governments must be restricted or they will and do run rampant over citizens.

In November, the citizens of the former United States of America voted to give control of two thirds of it's government to one party. The opposite party to the one that had controlled two thirds for some time. The citizens did this in historic form. The republicans were given numbers rarely, if ever, seen at other times in our history as a Country. This was true in federal as well as State governments.

It was evident what the citizens intended. At least we, the citizens, knew and understood what we wanted and intended to have happen. We wanted things to change from what was being done. We wanted that change immediately if not sooner. We made it abundantly clear in no uncertain terms. We want the insanity of big government intrusion into our lives stopped and we expected the republicans to listen and obey the voices of we the people that elected them.

Now here we are immediately after the very first test of these newly elected representatives. Heck, they haven't even been officially sworn in yet and what do we have?


Surrender of our power, our voices. They have given away the biggest power they could have for half of the time they will have before the next election and they haven't even been sworn in yet.

What this says to me as a citizen of this once great Republic is that I no longer matter. What I say and think no longer matters. My VOTE no longer matters. My citizenship no longer matters. NOTHING about me matters EXCEPT what the government can extract from me that it finds useful for IT'S needs.

My rights don't matter.

My LIFE doesn't even matter if it doesn't serve the needs of the government.

Someone please enlighten me as to how these actions of our elected representatives indicate that we still have a working Constitutional Republic.

They do what THEY want. They vote for what THEY want. They don't listen to us. So again how is this a representative Constitutional Republic government?

There is only one answer. It isn't. The American Constitutional Republic no longer exists.

I for one have voted in my last federal election. Not that my votes over the past numerous elections ever meant anything anyways as the facts have proven.

It appears that we really have gotten the shaft from republicans, especially by the supposed conservatives.

After doing a little more research, unless I'm missing something it appears there is some sleight of hand going on here. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I am finding it reported that even the supposedly most conservative representatives like the South Carolina delegation of Gowdy, Duncan, and Mulvaney voted to bring the cromnibus lunacy to the floor for a vote and then voted no on the final vote.

Why would they do that? Why even let something as stupid as this get to the floor for a vote if it could be stopped?

The only reason I can come up with is so that it appears to us "little people" that they are looking out for us. So they can come back to us and say, LOOK, WE VOTED NO!

When in reality they didn't.

Here is the list as posted on of the ones that DID vote NO to bringing the bill to the floor for a final vote:

Congressman Amash of Michigan
Congresswoman Bachmann of Minnesota
Congressman Brat of Virgina
Congressman Brooks of Alabama
Congressman Broun of Georgia
Congressman Gohmert of Texas
Congressman Gosar of Arizona
Congressman Huelskamp of Kansas
Congressman Jones of North Carolina
Congressman Jordan of Ohio
Congressman King of Iowa
Congressman Labrador of Idaho
Congressman Massie of Kentucky
Congressman Posey of Florida
Congressman Salmon of Arizona
Congressman Stockman of Texas

We've been "GRUBERED".

They think we are stupid.

This is merely a way to fool us with their political garbage games and they need to be held accountable.

This is a way for them to fool most of the people who don't understand and watch close enough to know what they REALLY did.

So, in reality, they were being POLITICIANS and not representatives. They were looking out for themselves and their jobs and NOT US.

We told them in November what we wanted. We want this kind of crap to stop. We want government working for US as it should.

In their very first real test after the election, this is what we get, lied to, stabbed in the back, and made fools of.

If you don't see your representative on that list you, need to be asking some serious questions, like WHY. You are either against it or you aren't.

Stop with the political games.

If I were to describe what the Founders main ideology, concept, idea, or what ever you want to call it was. I would describe it in two words, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!

That is what they were all about. That was their total focus.

The Founding Documents they created were based totally on the concept of individual rights. It was the core element.

That idea permeated everything they wrote and the way they lived their lives.

They devoted their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the principle of individual rights.

Whatever you might think of these men, I think we all can agree they believed in this concept with all their hearts.

Now considering that, why would they do anything in establishing a new government that would compromise that concept?

Is that logical? Would you be using common sense if you think they would? I think not.

Of course they would not have done ANYTHING to hinder individual rights. The thing they were fighting and dying for at the time. It just was not something they would even consider.

If they would not write anything into the new Founding Documents that would hinder individual rights then how can anyone today think that ANYTHING in those Documents suddenly has taken on that meaning? Is that logical?

Do you really think the Founders to be stupid men? What do you base that on if you do? I certainly see no evidence of it. They seem to be very intelligent and forward thinking in all areas. They had a tremendous grasp of human nature and because of that, very much predicted what the future would be and how it would develop if certain criteria was met.

So considering all I have said here so far, does it make sense to you that the Founders would have written ANYTHING in the Founding Documents that would have restricted individual rights as a whole? If you are honest with yourself, the answer must be an emphatic NO!

I believe it is beyond doubt.

Now let's look at government as it is today. Even the most uninformed American of today is agreeing that government is too big and out of control. This includes both liberal and conservative.

I also believe that most, if they really thought about it, would agree that big, intrusive government and individual rights cannot coexist. To have one, cancels out the other.

If government is NOT tremendously limited in size and scope, individual rights suffer or are stamped out all together.

So, let's combine these thoughts.

We can agree the Founders intended for us to have individual rights.  Since individual rights and big government cannot logically coexist, the Founders must have intended for government to be limited in size and scope. That's logical.

If that is what they intended when they wrote the Founding Documents, and they were not just writing those Documents for their immediate time, we must assume they intended for the Country they were fighting and dying for to continue to exist far into the future, then we can logically assume that what they were writing was intended to apply not only to their time but to the future as well.

I know this is making you use your logical thinking cap but bear with me a while longer.

Certainly the Founders wrote the Documents to apply to the future. They were not so shallow or short sighted as to write something only applying to their time. That being said, the argument the Constitution is "outdated" does not at all bear up to logical thinking since it was not written with any specific time line in mind. Logically it is obvious that if it applied then it would apply to the future. There is nothing in those Documents that is specific to that specific point in history except for events and we even see many of those happening again today. The writers used very generic terms specifically so they would be applicable at ANY time in history.

If the Founders wrote the Documents based on individual rights then, those Documents apply to individual rights today. If individual rights were inconsistent with big government then, they are inconsistent with it now. The documents have not changed in meaning just because we are 200+ years in the future. The words mean exactly the same things today as they did then when taken in the intent they were written.

So how is it those Documents can now be interpreted to mean that big government is now what the Founders meant and intended. Logically we cannot conclude that but yet it is happening.

It is not logical to think those Documents suddenly changed in meaning is it.

So why is it we accept someone telling us they have changed? That suddenly the meaning is that government can do whatever it wants, however it wants, whenever it wants and we must submit.

Of course, our Founding Documents have not changed. They are the same today as they were when they were written except for a few additions, some good, but most bad.

So if they have not changed how is it we find ourselves without most if not all of our Creator given individual rights the Founders intended for us to have?

In one word, IGNORANCE! Ignorance of our Founding Documents as they were written and intended.

Please take time today to start curing your ignorance and learning about our Founding Documents and what they mean to you and our Country. Go over and start reading my Founding Documents class. It will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Isn't our Country worth that much to you?

First I'm going to make a statement, if you disagree with this statement then you might as well read no further.

WE ARE A COUNTRY BASED ON AND FOUNDED ON THE RULE OF LAW.  From this will come everything I will discuss today.

The immigration issue has been hanging over our heads for years now.  It's tearing the Country apart in many different ways.  I must be fixed immediately.

First and foremost we should be applying the laws that are on the books.  Of course, anyone with any common sense at all knows that is our problem in a multitude of areas.  Laws are applied as it benefits some politician usually, not equally, fairly, and consistently as it should be.

I approach this logically and not emotionally.  You don't think straight when you are emotional.  Bad decisions are usually made when you are emotional.

What is best for the Country may not be easy. nor the most "sensitive" or feel good solution.  Sometimes hard situations require hard choices.

We're broke so this limits us severely IF we care about that and take it into consideration.  I care so it will figure heavily in what I suggest.  You can't do the "extra" things when you are broke.  You do the necessary things.

Ok, here we go.

We have millions in the Country with expired visas.  They aren't supposed to still be here.  Send them home immediately.  If they want to come back, let them reapply and come back legally.  They have 6 months to comply or we deport them.

We have millions of illegal aliens.  Illegal means against the law.  This means they are criminals no matter how long they have been here.  If I break a law and get caught I have to pay one way or another.  There is no fine for being in the Country illegally like it was a traffic violation.  No, I won't accept a retroactive something.  They already broke the law.  They go home with their entire family  They have 6 months to comply or they get deported.

The borders will be secured.  Period.  Instead of just firing 20000 Marines, give them the option of joining the border patrol.  Move the ones that choose that option with their families to the areas they are needed, all expenses paid and put them to work securing the borders.

Any employer caught hiring illegal aliens will be fined $10000 for the first violation and it doubles for each subsequent violation with no maximum.  Hire illegals and go out of business.

Start fully enforcing the existing laws.  Stop playing stupid political games with our Country.

Is this hard?  Yes.  Is this insensitive?  Guess that depends on if you really care about your Country or not.  Illegals are costing us more than they are contributing.  It's hard economic facts.  Remember, we're broke.

If you break the law you should expect to suffer the consequences for your actions, fairly across the board.  Why should we, the legal taxpayers of this Country pay for someone else that breaks the law to be here getting the benefits of OUR Country?

Our Country was built on immigration.  LEGAL IMMIGRATION!  Organized immigration.

I have absolutely nothing against anyone that wants to live in this Country...LEGALLY!  Regardless of where they come from.  Just follow the pathway to be here legally and you are most welcome.  Otherwise, you're out!

This leads me to the next issue.

The 2nd Amendment.

I won't call it gun control because that is a misnomer.  There is no such constitutionally legal form of gun control in the way that term is used today.

The 2nd Amendment is the backbone that holds all the other Natural rights we possess.  Without it, the others will fall like leaves in the autumn.  George Washington actually called it the "teeth" of the Constitution.

This is the culmination of the trampling of all our various rights over the past decades.  Finally we're waking us up to what's been going on.  We're passionate about the 2nd Amendment but we should be about ALL of our rights and the whole Constitution.

I will not argue the intent of the Founders about this Amendment.  It's more than obvious to anyone who even basically does a little research on the matter and reads the multitude of very clear statements the Founders made.  They speak very plainly for themselves.

What I will argue is the lack of common sense logic being applied to the arguments being made to do away with guns.

Where is the logic in going completely against what history shows us?  It shows us where disarming leads, over and over.

Where is the logic in immediately making law abiding citizens criminals?

Where is the logic in adding more laws that will not affect what you are trying to affect?

Where is the logic in pushing people to the edge of fighting their government for something that is unarguably unconstitutional?

If you believe in this so strongly, where is the logic in not doing it legally?

Back to my first statement, we are a Country based and founded on the rule of law!

Submit a Constitutional Amendment to make the changes you want.  Convince us legally it is needed.  Make the factual, non-emotional, logical, common sense arguments required to convince us.

Do you fear that debate?  I don't.  I would gladly welcome it.  I feel very confident of my facts and argument.  Do you?

I've been quiet the last couple of days because I've really been thinking about how I wanted to approach this subject.

Everyone remembers the statement that Obama made about many of us bitterly clinging to our Bibles and guns.  Actually it was religion and guns but to me the Bible is my religion so I will use that.

Let's examine what that statement actually means in what's happening today with all the talk of gun control.

Naturally he meant it in a derogatory way but to me it's actually a "red badge of courage".  I count it an honor to be considered that way.

Religion and guns.  Guns and religion.  To many of us they really do go together like bread and butter.

How can I say that you might ask?

Let's start with the Bible.  Regardless of what the liberals would like you and the world to believe, America really was founded on Christian fundamentals.  Now is that to say that everyone was Christian?  Absolutely not.  However, the majority were strongly influenced by Christian and Biblical ideals of right and wrong.  The Country had direction.  It's people had direction.  The difference between right and wrong was definitely and strongly defined and most times enforced, at home, at work, and mostly even in government.

You see, even though being a Christian and having a personal relationship with God is important, for many, many years even without that it was commonly accepted to follow the right and wrong teachings of the Bible.  People made their common sense decisions based on Biblical teachings even if they did not personally believe in God.  They knew the difference between right and wrong because it made sense to them.

The point is that common sense, logical thinking people, even an atheist, in the past could admit that there is certainly no harm in following the Biblical teachings of what is right and wrong.  What's so wrong with that?  So what if it comes from an ancient book called the Bible.  Is loving your neighbor such a bad thing?  Is treating others like you would like to be treated such a bad thing?

That direction is what is missing today.  We as a Country have no established sense of right and wrong any more because we have no strong Biblical teachings any more.

Now to the guns.  America was founded on the use and ownership of guns.  Our founders knew and understood human nature.  That is why they were so able to establish such a wonderful and amazing form of government, the Constitutional Republic.

How does human nature relate to guns and gun ownership in how our Country was established?  Let's look at history.

What's the one constant throughout all of history?  Humans!

Whether they are smarter or dumber, richer or poorer, healthier or in poor health. History revolves around humans.

Looking at history you very easily see cause and effect.  We do this and this happens.  If we do it again, the same thing happens again.  It's proven over and over.  Situations change but human nature does not.  Humans today are the same as they were 5000 years ago.  Common sense and logic folks.  Why else would history continually keep repeating itself when we do the same things over and over.  Makes sense huh.

Our founders knew this.  The fully recognized that history would repeat itself if we did the things of the past yet again.  They warned us.  They tried to setup our government to prevent us having the same problems past civilizations have had and then they even told us what to avoid.  What more could we ask for?

They knew that it was human nature for governments to become too powerful and to take control of the citizens and make slaves out of them.  They had just fought a war against that very thing.  They had seen it in other situations and in history.  They knew that the only way to keep that from happening was to ensure that We The People were at least as well armed as the government.  They didn't specify what arms to include or exclude because to them there were no exclusions to the people since the people were the all powerful factor.  The government was secondary to the people and the people's desires.

Here are a few quotes that prove this point:

“A constitution founded on these principles introduces knowledge among the people, and inspires them with a conscious dignity becoming freemen; a general emulation takes place, which causes good humor, sociability, good manners, and good morals to be general. That elevation of sentiment inspired by such a government, makes the common people brave and enterprising. That ambition which is inspired by it makes them sober, industrious, and frugal. There is no good government but what is republican. That the only valuable part of the British constitution is so; for the true idea of a republic is “an empire of laws, and not of men.”’ That, as a republic is the best of governments, so that particular arrangement of the powers of society, or in other words, that form of government which is best contrived to secure an impartial and exact execution of the law, is the best of republics.”
John Adams

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”  John Adams

The reason for the 2nd Amendment was very evident.  It was to protect the people from their own government and to protect the other parts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Again, here are some more quotes from the founders.  In their own words it is absolutely unquestionable to anyone, with any common sense and logic whatsoever, what their intentions were:

“Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”  Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man".  Thomas Jefferson

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”  Thomas Jefferson

A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves … and include all men capable of bearing arms.” “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms…”  Senator Henry Lee

You can readily see that the Founders believed in both the Bible and guns and saw the need for both.  They had an extremely strong sense of right and wrong, that too is evident through their words and actions.  It matters not what their actual religion was, what their total beliefs were.  It matters that they lived what they believed in both word and deed.

To us bitter clingers, Bibles and guns go hand in hand.  Most of us apply the use of guns based on the right and wrong teachings of the Bible.  That's why to us the two go hand in hand.  The Bible is our guide book.  Our users guide if you would.

We still believe in the Constitution as it was written.  It was written in plain, simple, common sense, logical language.  Very understandable for us clingers.

Obama and our government should consider themselves lucky that we are bitter clingers.  If we weren't and didn't have our "users manual" handy, our patience would have already worn thin way before now.  So our clinging has actually given him some more time but now his time is up.

Our patience is now gone.  It is no more.  The line has been drawn and we will give no more.  This is not our choice but our beliefs will not allow us to give another inch.

We will continue our bitter clinging as our Founding Fathers did before us except now even tighter than before and you cannot remove either our Bibles, nor our guns from us while their is yet breath in us.

Well, we are again saved from all dangers both past and future.  We will not go over the "cliff".  Yeah right

In my opinion, we are already over the cliff and just waiting for it to finally fall on us.

Let's examine our situation using the criteria I've established.

First, I am not an economic scholar of any kind.  I have no degrees to supposedly give me added insight and knowledge.  I'm a simple man using simple logic and common sense.

I grew up seeing a grandfather that owned his own business and worked hard all his life.  His son, my father, was in the printing business and in later years felt lead to go into the ministry as a Presbyterian minister.  The common thread with both was that they neither ever carried any debt for a long period of time.  They were, nor are rich, in a monetary way at least.  They did, however, have plenty to live on and "make ends meet".  They both owned their houses outright at early ages, paid for cars with cash, kept plenty of cash stashed on hand for emergencies, and kept savings for other needs as required.  We never ate extravagantly but ate well.  We never had the best clothes but were dressed well.  Our houses were modestly furnished but we lacked for nothing to any great degree.  If we wanted something we saved until we could afford it, no instant gratification here.

I realize this is a simplistic approach but why does everything have to be difficult.  The only reason I can see is to keep people confused and frustrated by not being able to understand it.

Our Country is broke, bankrupt, and there's nothing too difficult to understand about that.

When you consistently spend more than you take in, have no savings, continually borrow more money even though you can't pay it back, what other description could possibly be applied to the situation.

Now imagine a government run like the two households described above.  No debt means no interest to pay which means you are not subject to anyone else.  Debt means slavery to someone...period.  That interest money stays here in the economy.  When you don't have debt you can negotiate better pricing on things.  You are in charge rather than being controlled.

So, here we are having been supposedly saved from going over the government invented "fiscal cliff" but have we been saved from anything or rather driven further under the cliff waiting for the final part to cover us completely?

We have increased taxes, more income for the government and zero spending cuts.  So applying that to a household budget, you got a raise but your expenses stayed the same.  Sounds pretty good doesn't it.  This is where we can't exactly apply things in a household to things in government.  The simple reason is that in our households we are supposed to work for what we earn.  In government, they work for nothing and produce nothing, so nothing is added to the economy in any way no matter how they spin it.

So, yes they got a raise but they got it by taking it from us, the producers, the ones that keep the economy going.  We The People.  We are the ONLY ones that grow the economy and produce anything.  GOVERNMENT DOES NOT!  Common sense.  Government produces nothing to be sold for a profit, or a loss for that matter.  They produce nothing!

So, did they really accomplish anything positive?  No, not even in a little way.  In fact, they dog the hole for us majorly deeper, not that we could have climbed out of it before.  They took more money out of the economy and they took it from the ones that should be using that money to create jobs and build the economy.  Again, common sense says, if the job creators have less money, they create fewer jobs and they grow their businesses less, which means they pay less taxes which means less income for the government.

History over and over proves this.  Lower taxes means more tax revenue and higher taxes means lower tax revenue.  If people keep their money to do with as they please they generally work towards making more which means they pay more taxes.  If the government takes more, people look for more ways to avoid paying the higher taxes.  It's human nature, has been that way throughout history and will never change.  Any government that does not realize that is doomed to cut it's own throat, which ours has and will continue to do so until we force things to change.

Einstein said, " insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Now, the real purpose of this rant.  Nothing this government does is intended to accomplish anything except to keep our attention on something, anything, except the truth.  The truth that we are bankrupt and broke.

These people are not stupid, nor are they insane.  They know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing is exactly what they intend.  The intent is to destroy this Country and what it stands for.  Nothing else makes any sense.  Nothing else explains their unwillingness to do what we all have to do everyday if we run successful households or businesses.

Once we see and realize this.  It really narrows down what our options are to deal with these people and this out of control government.  Our options are narrowing greatly on a day by day basis.

Common Sense.  Such a broad term with so many varying descriptions.

Common to me means, ordinary, the usual, something generally accepted by most.  Sense in this respect to me means thinking or thought processes.

So I could translate common sense to mean generally accepted thought processes or maybe ordinary thinking.

Since I define it this way, how do I use it.

Using common sense, to me, means thinking in a way that is based on my past experiences and teachings combined with history and the experiences of others.  So a big part of making good decisions is based on past personal experience and history.  Where we are lacking in a particular personal experience we can fill in with historical happenings that fit our current situation as closely as possible.

I believe history to be a great teacher both for things we should do and more importantly things we should not do.  If we ignore history, we will most certainly repeat it in some form or another.  History changes, humans don't.  If you follow history to any degree, you will see the same human actions and reactions from the start until now.  So with that fact, you can bet if you do something now that was done in the past, the result will be very closely the same only with different players.

Common sense - ordinary thinking.  I think most could agree that history is a good teacher and a good indicator of what the future will be.  Therefore, using history as a pattern for the future could be called ordinary thinking - common sense.

Let the discussion begin.

Let's kick things off.

There are tons of blogs and discussions out there in internet land.  I read and participate in several myself.  Why another one?

I see many discussions of many things.  Over time I'm sure many of those same discussions will make it here also.  The difference is, here we will try to focus on what I will call "old timey common sense".

I'm going to try to keep things in perspective based on the logic of old.


History is the best teacher in my opinion.  If it worked before, the chances are much better that it will work again.  Is that always the case?  No, but more often that not it is.  I find that most people are frustrated with how things are going in the world and in their daily lives.  They are searching for ways to make things better, do things better, and just generally improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Will I step on some toes?  You betcha!  Do I intend to?  You betcha!  I'm old enough to be set in my ways but young enough to do something to help changes things for the better.  I will not change my opinion on anything unless proven factually wrong.  If you can do that, I'm open to anything.  If not, either accept my opinion or move on to something else and accept that I won't change.

With that settled, please feel free to comment.  I will allow all comments as long as they don't get personal.  We can discuss things without getting nasty.  If you can't then move on because you are not welcome.  Keep it civil and you are welcome to speak your mind.

A little more about me.

I believe in the Constitution as it is written and intended by the founders.  I've read much and an still reading constantly to learn more of their true intentions for this Country.  History is the best teacher remember.  My posts and thought will come from that background and basis plus my life experiences.  I was raised by two God fearing and worshiping parents who had a tremendous impact on me and I'm bless to still have them in my life providing even more influence.  I love and respect them dearly.

I'm what was called a jack of all trades and a master of none when I was growing up.  Meaning that I know how to do a lot of different things, most pretty good but few to an extremely high level of expertise.  I'm good with my hands, building things, repairing things, etc.  I'm a logical person rather than an emotional one, however, I do feel things very passionately.  I react with my head before I react with my emotions generally.  I was taught to balance the two against each other.  To use a Common Sense approach to everything big and small.

As things progress my hope is to provide my readers with useful things they can use in their daily lives.  From common sense ways of thinking about things to common sense ways of doing daily tasks that you might not have thought about.  Is my way the only way?  Absolutely not, but if I post it, that means I've done it and it worked well for me so you might want to give it a try.

I'm a working man.  I won't say a common man because I believe we are all more than common if we desire to be and I do.  My intent is to help you to make sense of the situations you might find yourself in today.  We're all in this together so we might as well travel the roads together and learn from each other.

Welcome and Enjoy!!