I was reminded today in some of my readings of an old saying that had been around since the early 1800's.

It's called The Four Boxes of Liberty.

What are the Four Boxes of LIberty?

They are as follows:

The Soapbox

The Jury Box

The Ballot Box

The Ammo Box

We will return to the Four Boxes shortly. First let's take a look at why the Four Boxes are needed and where we stand in using them.

The Founders stated many times that for us to keep the government they had given us we would have to be involved in our government. We would need to pay attention to what it was doing and how it was doing things. We were told to know what our rights and liberties where so that if the government we to attempt to hinder and of those rights or liberties we would immediately recognize it and put a stop to it before it went any farther.

Needless to say we have not done that to any great degree which is why we find ourselves today in as bad or worse shape than the colonies under the King of England.

Let's examine the Founders reasons for declaring our independence from England and see how closely they relate to us today. I'll quote from the Declaration of Independence directly and apply it to the present. Buckle in, this is going to be a rough, but eye opening ride.

"He has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good."

At present we are inundated with law. It is said that the average person breaks three laws per day without even realizing it. So we have just the opposite but just as burdensome if not even more so.

"He has forbidden his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his assent should be obtained; and, when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them."

Basically this sounds like the King was just doing whatever he wanted, whenever it suited him. Does that sound like anyone today? I won't call any names but the initials are Obama.

"He has refused to pass other laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of representation in the legislature, a right inestimable to them, and formidable to tyrants only."

Trying to force and coerce people into situations that don't benefit them. Sounds all to familiar doesn't it.

"He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures."

Government making things as difficult as possible for us to get things done through the system. Yep.

"He has dissolved representative houses repeatedly, for opposing, with manly firmness, his invasions on the rights of the people."

Destroying parts of government that actually work for us. Yep. Being vindictive if we oppose government. Yep.

"He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the legislative powers, incapable of annihilation, have returned to the people at large for their exercise; the state remaining, in the mean time, exposed to all the dangers of invasions from without and convulsions within."

Government dragging it's feet when action is needed to do something positive for us. Yep. Putting us in danger at times by not acting and acting properly. Yep.

"He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states; for that purpose obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new appropriations of lands."

Messing with immigration and land management in ways that hurt rather than help us as a Country. A BIG affirmative.

"He has obstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent to laws for establishing judiciary powers."

Refusing to follow the law of the land. Yep.

"He has made judges dependent on his will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries."

Used judges to manipulate the law and justice. Yep. Bought and paid for judges to do the will of government. Yep.

"He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance."

Established a MULTITUDE of new bureaucracies to rule us with SWARMS of officials to harass us. OH YES DEFINITELY. The czars come immediately to mind.

"He has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies, without the consent of our legislatures."

Militarized police force. Ever expanding government agencies armed to the teeth. Definitely.

"He has affected to render the military independent of, and superior to, the civil power."

Our military is being manipulated go against the civil power of We The People and to serve only the government itself. Yep

"He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution and unacknowledged by our laws, giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation:"

Subjecting us to UN rules and other treaties against our will. OH YES!

"For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us;" Yep

"For protecting them, by a mock trial, from punishment for any murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of these states;" Oh yes, on a regular basis.

"For cutting off our trade with all parts of the world;"

Our trade with the rest of the world is so messed up it ridiculous.

"For imposing taxes on us without our consent;"

Over and over and over again.

"For depriving us, in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury;"

NDAA comes to mind immediately.

"For transporting us beyond seas, to be tried for pretended offenses;"

We very easily could be shipped off to some black hole somewhere without our consent. Yep.

"For abolishing the free system of English laws in a neighboring province, establishing therein an arbitrary government, and enlarging its boundaries, so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these colonies;"

Manipulating laws in a way that suits their needs at any time they see fit. Yep.

"For taking away our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments;"

This is a biggie. Ignoring our Constitution. YES!

"For suspending our own legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever"

Taking powers never given to them. Enumerated powers anyone? Yep.

"He has abdicated government here, by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us."

Definitely waging wage on us. Particularly Christians.

"He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burned our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people."

This government has done all those things both physically and financially.

"He is at this time transporting large armies of foreign mercenaries to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the head of a civilized nation."

Open borders allowing terrorist to knowingly come in. Releasing captured terrorist to go back and fight against us. Encouraging a race war. Yep.

"He has constrained our fellow-citizens, taken captive on the high seas, to bear arms against their country, to become the executioners of their friends and brethren, or to fall themselves by their hands."

Coercing and forcing citizens to turn on fellow citizens. Yes.

"He has excited domestic insurrection among us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions."

Most definitely inciting a race war along with encouraging terrorist to freely come here.

So that concludes the list of grievances in the Declaration of Independence. Pretty shocking comparison isn't it. Told you it would be a rough ride.

When I began making that comparison, I thought maybe I would find a few of the grievances that would be applicable to today but to find that they ALL are VERY applicable shocked even me.

So now that you have seen that comparison, let's return to the Four Boxes of Liberty.

As I said before, the Founders told us that we would have to be involved.

The Soapbox, the Jury Box, The Ballot Box, and the Ammo Box merely describe ways that we can be involved in controlling our government. Let's look at each option.

The soapbox fits great with the internet. I makes speaking our minds much easier and to a much broader audience. It seems to be having some affect on waking people up but so far is hasn't had any affect on the government itself. I would say it is minimally effective at this point. Since the internet can be shutdown at any time by the government now, it's effectiveness could be severely limited or almost completely stopped.

The jury box has not proven very effective in limiting government in any way. Since the government controls the judicial system for the most part, we are extremely limited in what we are able to accomplish through the jury box. We could make some difference if we used the technique of jury nullification to resist some of the unconstitutional laws we get charge with but that would have minimal affect too I think.

The ballot box in all honesty, at this point, is a joke. Our votes mean little to nothing in federal elections. No matter what party gets elected, it's basically the same ruinous policies. The republicans are fully demonstrating that right now. The only real option we have in this box is local and State elections. We need to try hard to get people in office locally and at the State levels that will stand between us and the federal government when that time comes. Sheriff's are especially important to focus on in most States.

Now we come to the dreaded ammo box. This is a  subject that most everyone avoids. I certainly understand that. Keep in mind though that the ammo box refers to non-violent civil disobedience too. That is where this option must start. We should only move past civil disobedience if forced to defend ourselves.

Thinking now back to our list of grievances how could we not be using ALL the methods available to us right now? If our Founders felt justified in declaring their independence from the most powerful Country at that time, how much more should we resist and declare we will not comply, we will not obey, we will not submit.

The Founders stated in the Declaration how they felt about us controlling our government. They said we have a DUTY to make whatever changes we see fit, just as they did. They set the example for us to follow.

To further cement that thought, I'll quote John Jay in who he thinks has the power in our Country. He said:

“Your lives, your liberties, your property, will be at the disposal only of your Creator and yourselves. You will know no power but such as you will create; no authority unless derived from your grant; no laws but such as acquire all their obligation from your consent. … Security is also given to the rights of conscience and private judgment. They are by nature subject to no control but that of the Deity. … Every man is permitted to consider, to adore, and to worship his Creator in the manner most agreeable to his conscience. …”

“The people are the sovereign of this country.”

So here we have the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court telling us that WE are the supreme law of the land. WE are the creators of the federal government and therefore the most powerful entity in this Country. We are "the sovereign of this country.”

Why oh WHY are we then acting like peasant serfs or slaves in chains already?

We most certainly have choices to make. If we don't make the right ones and take action soon we WILL be slaves in chains, some of us literally and others figuratively.

I'm just as disgusted as most everyone else at the actions of the THUGS in the Baltimore riots and other places. Yes, there's that word liberals, they are what they are and intentionally changing the meanings of words does not change the actions of the people involved.

Several things have brought me to the thoughts I'm having right now but mainly the rioting and an online conversation with a person on The conversation did not have anything directly to do with the rioting but in the most basic way it did.


Ignorance of our Founding Documents. Ignorance of our history. Ignorance of human nature. Most importantly ignorance of God and Christianity.

There is no way in one article I could ever broach all those subjects so I will focus on just a couple, Christianity and our Founding Documents.

We will begin with the obvious. The THUGS that are taking part in these riots and destruction have no knowledge of the Christian faith and are ignorant of it's teachings. Their actions of wantonly destroying and stealing other people's property is all the evidence that is needed. They are ignorant because they have never been taught in the majority of cases. They have instead been taught anger and hate and this is where that brings them to at this point in their life. At a point where their actions very possibly will have serious and possibly deadly consequences.

The failure to give them the knowledge to cure their ignorance can be blamed on many sources, the parent(s), the education system, the government, and many others.

Honestly though, the blame lies with you and me. Those of us who love our God and Country. WE have allowed this to happen. WE have brought these young THUGS to the streets and possibly to their deaths. I  say that not to instill guilt but responsibility. We are all responsible for our own actions and choices, they made theirs and we made ours. Unfortunately, the consequences of OUR actions or rather inaction have in many ways allowed their actions to happen.

We have sat quietly as our God has been forgotten and our Country have been slowly turned into this cesspool of evil human animals. Animals who have no respect for anything or anybody. Who love nothing but themselves and their own lusts for stuff, other people's stuff.

We did not do what was needed when they took prayer out of the schools. Began killing innocent unborn. Destroyed the family. Denigrated, persecuted, and now prosecuted Christianity. We continue to do very little or nothing.

From the point this started, mainly in the mid 1960's until now we have basically done nothing. We've sat quietly "turning the other cheek." In other words, we have supported this evil. We have condoned it. We have CAUSED IT and are as guilty as those that implemented it. No, I say we are MORE guilty because we knew better. We KNEW it was wrong, yet we stood by silently and allowed this evil to take hold.

My wonderful father and I frequently have conversations about such things since he is a minister of many years. Recently we were discussing the old testament and how God instructed the nation of Israel to utterly destroy the evil that surrounded them. Not to accept it and allow it into their midst, otherwise they would be affected by it. Naturally, Israel did not obey and always suffered the consequences. Such is human nature, we usually don't learn from our previous actions and then repeat them because we humans are evil by nature.

Those of us that are Christians are in a CONSTANT battle against evil. We can never rest. We can never stop. We are seeing now the results of being lulled to sleep and ceasing our battle. We are now suffering the consequences of our action through inaction. Yes, inaction IS an action too.

This inaction has to stop. We as Christians are not called to turn our cheeks against evil and ignore it. We are to fight it with everything we have and are. Sometimes that is a spiritual fight and sometimes that is a physical fight, but we are to fight with Christ at our side and in our hearts.

What this inaction has also lead to is the destruction of our Constitution and the rule of law in our Country. This has lead to total ignorance about how we were created and what we once stood for.

In the online conversation I reference above, I saw, as I often do, the pure hatred and ignorance of Christianity and our Constitution. The person I was talking with did everything in their power to destroy Christianity and to prove that it had nothing to do with our Country and our Constitution. Of course they were not able to do that because the facts do not support that. However, what it did highlight, yet again, is the utter ignorance of the Constitution and the Founders intentions contained in it.

Just one statement the person made pretty much summed up their ignorance. They stated 8 out of 10 Ten Commandments were unconstitutional.

There were many other statements but I focus on that one because it shows the depth of ignorance most of the Country exists in concerning the Constitution and our form of government.

What that statement shows is that this person has no concept of the Constitution as written. Notice I said, as written, not as INTERPRETED.

The Constitution was written for one reason, to establish our federal government and place limitations on IT, NOT US.

That one statement exposes the biggest lie that has been taught about our Constitution, that the Constitution applies to we the people. IT DOES NOT except where WE GAVE the federal government SPECIFIC enumerated powers to act on our behalf. In ALL other areas the States and WE THE PEOPLE retain EVERYTHING ELSE. PERIOD. THE END. NO DISCUSSION! Twisting that concept is what has allowed the government to do what they have done and use the Constitution AGAINST us instead of to PROTECT us.

Stop for a moment and ponder that concept in light of the happenings in Baltimore and other places. These ignorant people are actually protesting for the wrong reasons and just don't realize it because of their ignorance. If they only understood the above concept, they might be protesting  but they would be doing it because of what the government TRULY has taken from them, their liberty and freedom.

That one concept, applied as intended,  would negate most, if not all, of the laws that put so many blacks and other needlessly in jail for things made unlawful by a government seeking to support itself and not it's people. If that were done, the shootings by police would not be happening because the police would have very few LEGAL reasons to arrest someone.

Unconstitutional laws would not be in place.

Police would not be militarized, to powerful, and beyond the law.

Government would not be in control of our daily lives.

See how our ignorance and inaction had so damaged us?

Had we been awake and prudent in our protection of our faith and our Constitution we would not be in this situation now. We would not have ignorant young people protesting about the wrong things and placing themselves needlessly in danger for something that never should have happened.

So what's the solution?

As always, ignorance is curable with knowledge.

We must regain our vigilance and take action to provide this knowledge in any way possible. The knowledge of our God and the knowledge of our Founding Documents.

Then and only then can the people of this Country make decisions based on the proper context. Then we will have the knowledge of the standards and principles that made this Country great. Then and ONLY then will we be able to recover and rebuild what we have lost, our liberty and freedom.

The road is long but the time is short.

What is YOUR line in the sand?

Have you ever considered that? Have you given any thought to what it would take for you to say, that's it, no more, this stops here and now?

I see lots of people in the streets for various reasons. Cops killing people and exerting too much power. Racism, real or imagined. Too many taxes. Too much government. The list goes on and on.

With all that and more, have you ever personally thought about your line in the sand?

I have many times. Yes, as many of us who have, unfortunately that line has also moved many times. So in that respect, it wasn't truly that definite line in the sand was it.

It's not easy to pick that point and then hold to it. Things change and so do we. However, if we change too much, then do we become something we never intended and don't want to be? Sort of like the old story of how to boil a frog. If you raise the temperature gradually the frog supposedly won't jump out of the pot.

That is exactly what government, especially ones in the western world, bet on. That they can subject you to the "new normals" so gradually, you won't jump out of the pot and make trouble for them. They use all those nice politically correct terms that are easy on the ears and fool you into submission over time. Illegal is no longer means illegal. Illegal has such a harsh sound to it you know.

Unconstitutional no longer means breaking the national rule of law. It's merely something those radical people say when they don't like something that is good for them like abortion, wealth redistribution, illegal amnesty, and forcing us to buy a product we don't want being force on them for their own good. We, the government and liberals, DO know what's good for you after all.

The the recent budget fiasco, we even saw republican senators refusing to stand up for the Constitution when directly confronted with a vote about the VERY unconstitutional actions of the executive branch of our government. They even criticized Ted Cruz for even bringing it up. How dare he do something so foolish as standing up for the Constitution and asking them to do the same.

Do you see the lunacy? The total insanity and lawlessness of our government! Dare I say, the unconstitutionality of our government!

When a representative or senator cannot stand up and raise the question of constitutionality of the actions being taken by ANYONE in government don't you think that should make you think about where you should draw your line in the sand?

So again I ask, what point it enough for you? When do you rise up and say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more?"

I personally have reached that point. We each will reach it at differing times. We also each will react in different ways.

How we react is less important than the point that we DO react. We MUST each do something when we reach our line in the sand.

So what will you do? When will you start?

I ask each of you to use your common sense. Use the Founding Documents as a guide. Search your hearts and minds and yes, most definitely, pray.

Many of the Founders would have done just those same things.

Should we do any less?

Then take action. We've already been asleep way to long.

America was formed as a Constitutional Republic.

Originally, we elected representatives to the House and the States appointed Senators, unfortunately that was later changed to popular election which diminished the power of the States.

This form of government was intended to keep the power with the people first and then with the States. Most certainly NOT with the federal government. It WAS limited by specific enumerated powers. This was done for a reason, a very specific reason. Human nature. It is in human nature to take as much power as we can get if we are allowed so we must be restricted. Governments must be restricted or they will and do run rampant over citizens.

In November, the citizens of the former United States of America voted to give control of two thirds of it's government to one party. The opposite party to the one that had controlled two thirds for some time. The citizens did this in historic form. The republicans were given numbers rarely, if ever, seen at other times in our history as a Country. This was true in federal as well as State governments.

It was evident what the citizens intended. At least we, the citizens, knew and understood what we wanted and intended to have happen. We wanted things to change from what was being done. We wanted that change immediately if not sooner. We made it abundantly clear in no uncertain terms. We want the insanity of big government intrusion into our lives stopped and we expected the republicans to listen and obey the voices of we the people that elected them.

Now here we are immediately after the very first test of these newly elected representatives. Heck, they haven't even been officially sworn in yet and what do we have?


Surrender of our power, our voices. They have given away the biggest power they could have for half of the time they will have before the next election and they haven't even been sworn in yet.

What this says to me as a citizen of this once great Republic is that I no longer matter. What I say and think no longer matters. My VOTE no longer matters. My citizenship no longer matters. NOTHING about me matters EXCEPT what the government can extract from me that it finds useful for IT'S needs.

My rights don't matter.

My LIFE doesn't even matter if it doesn't serve the needs of the government.

Someone please enlighten me as to how these actions of our elected representatives indicate that we still have a working Constitutional Republic.

They do what THEY want. They vote for what THEY want. They don't listen to us. So again how is this a representative Constitutional Republic government?

There is only one answer. It isn't. The American Constitutional Republic no longer exists.

I for one have voted in my last federal election. Not that my votes over the past numerous elections ever meant anything anyways as the facts have proven.

In a follow-up to yesterday's post, it was suggested on site that I check out, which I did. Much of the information was nothing new to me but just said in different ways. Naturally they are selling a product/idea so they want to make it as palatable as possible.

The site is well written and well thought out as you would expect. To me that brings with it both good and bad. It seems professional, as it should, but to the common man that could also mean big money behind it bringing into question their true motives. Healthy scepticism hat on.

I do take those things into consideration when researching and gathering information from various sources but it is still valuable to assist in making your on common sense judgements and decisions.

The site covers many of the major questions that are raised about the Article V convention and the process surrounding it. The problems with most if not all of their answers is they are based on what they call historical precedent, since there has never been an Article V convention called. They dismiss many people with differing viewpoints on Article V by basically saying history speaks for itself. Of course, many of those people are also using history to raise their questions using differing interpretations, more on that idea later.

That's the real problem here. As I stated in my article yesterday, Article V as written is vague, there are no specifics. Conventionofstates says that is because the Founders had 32 pre-Constitutional conventions and so the processes and procedures were already set as far as they, the Founders, were concerned. To me, a common sense person, that is logical. However, it's also logical for me to read the Federalist Papers and other documents and be able to fully understand the Founders intentions about the contents of other areas of the Constitution like the general welfare clause and the commerce clause, both of which have been absolutely abused through legal "interpretations".

Therein lies the problem of the conventionofstates and others arguments. Even though they are perfectly valid, they use interpretations of history and intent. Nothing stops someone else from using the exact same history and intent and interpreting things in a totally different way. We've seen this over and over throughout our history especially with the judicial system. Much of our current case law comes from "interpretations" in this manner.

That to me is the most dangerous part of any consideration of using the Article V amendment process. If one group can interpret the processes and procedures one way, another group can interpret them in a totally different way there is nothing physically stopping them.

One interpretation says there is no way for there to be a run-away convention. The other interpretation says they can do whatever they want in the convention and are not limited by historical precedent.

One interpretation says the States make the rules. The other interpretation says Congress makes the rules.

One interpretation says the States select the delegates. The other interpretation says Congress selects the delegates.

So who determines who is right?

Common sense tells us this is not a good situation to be in. When there are not set rules and the rules are "up for grabs", those with the most power usually win and in this situation that would be the federal government, unfortunately. We've seen the States back down almost 100% consistently.

So again, I state, this whole situation is not one that I want to see happen. Partially because of all the unknowns surrounding the Article V clause but mainly because of my knowledge and understanding of human nature and government as a whole. Government's one and only goal is power, growing and maintaining power. So, it's common sense to expect the government will do everything possible to use an Article V convention for it's own purpose no matter that the Founders intended that not to be the case. Our government ignores the Founders intent each and every day so nothing new there.

This Article V process is a political process. By being a political process that mean by nature politicians will be involved. That also means acquisition of power for them by any means will be the goal. If we think otherwise we are being naive. Their actions have shown us this over and over. Their intent is to grow government, whether federal or State.

I believe the folks at conventionofstates have good intentions, so did the Founders. They are not the ones that concern me. It's the ones that seek to twist and distort the interpretations of history to meet their particular agendas that concern me. Unfortunately, there are no definite, established ways to do that consistently. Yes, it might be done but the cost for failure is catastrophic.

I still am of the mind we have no choice but to pursue an Article V convention but I am also even more convinced the possibility of an opposing "interpretation" taking things down the wrong path is very real and must be considered and even expected to happen. To do any less is to beg for failure and we all know what failure means.

Conventionofstates appears to be the largest and most organized of the Article V pushes. With that being the case, I would like to see them include a strong push for a major inclusion of private citizens in the process they are suggesting to the States. If the States were to mainly, if not 100%, use private citizens as delegates instead of politicians, that would go a long ways towards building acceptance of any amendments that would come out of the convention. It would also help to build/rebuild bridges within society that have been destroyed by the current administration in the areas of race particularly.

I just watched a video of Mark Levin at ALEC 2014 speaking about the calling of a new constitutional convention, what he is calling a "convention of the States".

I have long been opposed to this idea for many reasons. Yes, it is in the Constitution. Yes, I fully support and defend the Constitution. However, this area of the Constitution is, unlike most of the rest of it, very vague. It does not contain the usual deep thought processes of most of the rest of the Constitution. I think this could possibly be because of it's late inclusion in the final writing of the Constitution within 2 days of it being signed. Not much time for refining it and unfortunately it shows.

The concept is there, the reason behind it and it's intent are all very valid, but the process is not defined. In the world of 1776 that would have been dangerous. In the world of 2014, it's a disaster begging to happen.

Below is the comment I posted at in response to the video. It explains where I stand now on this issue:


He wants one example of how a Constitutional convention can be “hijacked”, how’s the first one for evidence? The first convention was called for the express purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the time. We all know the end result, an entirely new Constitution, so it CAN happen and there is nothing in the current Constitution to directly prohibit it.

There is also the little thing of the wording of the current Constitution that states that CONGRESS shall call the convention once it is requested by the States. There is no wording there to support the process the Levin is proposing whereby the States just decide and then call their own delegates. There is no mention of HOW the delegates will be appointed, he’s making assumptions.

That is the problem with Article V, it’s vague, and we all know how government has used those situations in the past to it’s benefit and our detriment as citizens.

IF, and ONLY IF, the States can control the situation can this even remotely be successful. Even then, AFTER, amendments have been made we must ensure they are followed.

We have seen too many instances where the States will start something and then back off and let the feds have their way. If that happens once this thing starts, we’re done, there is no stopping it or reversing it at that point.

One of the things the Founders were so blessed with was their knowledge and understanding of human nature.

They knew and understood it is in our nature to become tyrannical and use our power to enslave others and take their freedoms and liberties. That is why they were so careful to attempt to put controls in place to limit that possibility. We have seen evidence of what their fears were, come to fruition over the last 200+ years and never more than today.

If there is even a microscopic crack in the process that is used to make a “convention of the States” happen, that crack will be used against us and if control of the process is lost by the States, it’s not hard to know the outcome, history and human nature has given us a multitude of examples.

So, just how much do we trust ourselves, our States? Do we have the Statesmen of 1776 currently in our States or do we have politicians that are there for their own enrichment?

Speaking of my State of South Carolina, no way would I trust them to do this. Yes, my State government is controlled by republicans. So what?

Levin spent 10 minutes of that speech telling us that both republicans and democrats are doing the same things in Washington and so we should think they aren’t in our States too? Really? They are there for one reason and one reason only, power. They want to have power and remain in power, it’s human nature. Once morals, ethics, and religious standards are tossed out the window as they have been in America today, humans revert to their base nature.

That was the difference in 1776, we had moral and ethical people that formed THAT Convention. Their thoughts were mainly for the Country. Where do you see that attitude widespread in ANY State government today? I challenge anyone to present proof.

So am I saying we shouldn’t do this? My mind says yes, we should run away from it because the evidence of history and human nature shows how it will most likely end and it will not be how we want. It will end with the final destruction of America as it was founded.

However, my heart says, we’re already dead, that America no longer exists even today. So if there is even a small chance that it will succeed, we have to try. BUT, we have to try with our eyes wide open, not through the rose colored glasses of Mark Levin and others.

We have to see through the glasses of history and human nature, knowing all the forces that will be against us being successful. Knowing they are even more powerful than they were against the original Founders. Their forces were external, ours are internal, close to us, and therefore even more dangerous and effective.

If a convention of States is successfully called there will be major attempts to hijack it from all directions. If even one is successful we lose, forever. America dissolves immediately with no hope of resurrection.

From that point, the only option left will be a call to arms. In all honesty, I believe that is the end result in this no matter which way we go.

However, as is supported by the laws of nature and nature’s God, those actions should be defensive in nature. Meaning, we should exhaust all options before that happens unless forced to defend ourselves before those options can be used.

So, those are the stakes in this gamble as I see them. Are we willing to accept them? Do we have a choice? Unfortunately, I fear we don’t. We’ve painted ourselves into a corner by being asleep at the wheel for the last 100 or so years."

As you can probable tell, I've been dragged kicking and screaming to this conclusion.

There is no way I trust anyone in federal, State, or even most local governments to do this for me. I can count on one hand the number of people I personally would trust with this outside of myself.

So, with that being said, and since there is no established process for this in the Constitution and we are just "winging it" anyways, let's go all out. Let's go all wild here with how we get this done.

It's, according to Levin, the States that will dictate the process. Then let the States pick delegates from US! We the People! Not politicians. Not legislators. Everyday, normal people. You and me.

Pick us to do this, then we can't say we were railroaded by politicians. If we fail, it's OUR fault, but if we succeed, it will be the biggest form of success we could ever have. We could once and for all show the rest of the Country and the world that we AREN'T racist. We can include ALL colors of Americans in the process. No, we still won't make everyone happy but that will never happen anyways, it's human nature.

With a process of this type we could bring back the common sense so lacking in government today. The common sense of the common man. The same common sense the original Founders brought to the table in the writing of the original Founding Documents.

We would have no agenda to stay in power as politicians would. We would have only one agenda, the Constitution.

So how could this happen?

I would suggest a test of some type. A civics type test, similar to the one given for citizenship except maybe even more in depth. Then, an interview, if you passed the test, by a panel of people knowledgeable about the founding of this Country, the Founders, and the original Founding Documents. Knowledge of the law doesn't matter. That is what has destroyed the Country to this point, mindless, senseless laws. We need people who know what the Founders intent was and want to return to that. Not lawyers looking for ways to twist things to fit what they want it to say. In fact, if I had my way, I would disqualify all lawyers from the process. Since juries are made up of 12 people, there should be 12 delegates from each State. That should be enough people to give a good cross section of the State's population. Enough to give a broad consensus of opinions.

So, once the process for selecting the delegates is established, the States move forward with that. Once selected, the delegates from each State would then meet and establish their amendment objectives. That way when the Convention officially starts, there is a base to work from and each State is totally on the same level.

Once the convention has started, that's where the States stop.

They then turn over all responsibility to the delegates to do their jobs. No interference. Much like juries are sequestered. The delegates expenses are paid in full and some reasonable amount given to help support them during their time away from jobs and family. Other than that, they should be mostly separated from any outside influences for however long the process takes. This would be a job taken because of desire to help the Country, not one to benefit you financially. It will be a hard job and it should be.

This is where we know if the States are serious about the process or not. If they are not willing to do something like this but choose to retain control and use politicians as the delegates, we know it's still about power and not about the Country and the Constitution. I don't want to hear any garbage about the experience and knowledge of the legislators being needed. They have failed at their jobs, now it's our turn.

So, bottom line. I don't want this to happen. I don't think the outcome will be positive for the Country and the Constitution. However, it appears it is the last option we have short of immediately taking up arms or letting the Country be destroyed from within. It may still be destroyed with or without this action but at this point in our history I see no other choice.

Again, if we must do this, we must do it with our eyes open. Knowing that all forces against us will be attacking in force from all directions using any means they see fit, both legal and illegal.

I'm not saying my ideas are the only ones that will work but to say as Mark Levin does that it's not possible for a Convention to be hijacked is not only naive, it's absurdly dangerous. Who would have thought we would be where we are as a Country 20, 30, 50 years ago? To have arrived at a point where a convention of the States is possibly the only hope left to save us and even that probably won't not work. If you are going to push for a convention at least push it with the truth that people need to hear so they aren't surprised when the "impossible" happens.

To anyone who has read any of my many posts on the sites I frequent, you know that I respect and believe in history as our best teacher.  I am a constant reader and student of history.  I still have much to learn and discover but the journey is enlightening.

Today I met with a new friend.  We discussed many things and had a wonderful time together although we totally bored his wonderful and very patient young daughter.  She was an angel to let the "two old men" visit and get to know each other.  We're really not old but compared to her youth we are ancient I know.

This is especially the time to build close, trusted friends and community.

During that visit, I had one of those moments that we all have occasionally when something just clicks and the pieces all seem to fall into place.  Let me share that moment with you.

I've been pondering how in the world we are going to get our wonderful Country back to what our founders intended for it to be.  The Country they passed down to us with a form of government that had never been seen in history.  A Constitutional Republic with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that I believe are touched by the hand of God.  How else could it be explained, logically and with common sense, that it had never happened before in recorded history.  We were truly blessed.

For most, if not all of my lifetime, that same Constitution has been under severe attack.  The attacks actually started many years before that but have gained strength in the past forty to fifty years.

Now we have come to a point in our history where we have never been before.  We have the perfect storm brewing for what would be the final attack and most likely the end of the war for our Country completely.  All that would remain would be the final wiping up of any dissenters that remained.  As has been violently done in past history.

How did we get here?  Silence, apathy, and negligence are the biggest reasons.  Silent when we needed to speak to stop the erosion of our rights.  Apathy when we should have been involved and paying attention to what was going on.  Negligence when we should have been standing up and stopping what was happening in any way that the situation warranted.  Our Country deserved that and the Constitution required it but we failed.

Now here we stand.  Facing the results of our actions.  We're responsible for where we are.  No one else.  Us.  All the citizens of this Country.

What are we to do?  We're a divided nation on this question.

Some want to continue on the road that has taken most of the freedoms we once enjoyed away.  Some have even suggested we do away with the Constitution all together.  Has that not been their goal from the start?

Many want to regain our lost greatness by returning to the Constitutional Republic as we were established.  I am in this group.

The point at which we have arrived is very scary and I am afraid for my Country and my fellow citizens.  I do not see an easy way out of this situation.  History's road map in these situations does not show a happy ending.  In the past, most civilizations at this point in their history have ended in government  caused mass killings for the sake of governmental control of the masses.  Millions upon millions have perished in this manner.  Far larger numbers than by any other form of man made or natural death in the history of mankind.

I see no way that we will avoid this same confrontation, whether it be tomorrow, next week, next month, or years in the future.  History says that it will come because of the nature of the beings that run our government just like the governments in past history.  Their hunger for power must be satisfied regardless of the cost to the citizens or what those citizens lose in the way of their liberties and freedoms.

So was this my awakening moment?  My epiphany?


What I realized today was that America is different.  There has never been an America before in past history.  So even though history can show us the path of how we got here to this point in our Country's history, it cannot show us the outcome because that history has not been written.  Anywhere, at any time.

Why are we so different?  Because, as I said at the beginning of this article, we are a Constitutional Republic with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are touched with the hand of God.  Never in the history of the world has any civilization been "birthed" with the natural right of self defense built into it's being, it's design.

America has that.

We were born with the "right to keep and bear arms" ingrained in us.  We've never known anything else.  It's who we are as a Country, as a people.  That's what is different about us.  The ones of us that believe in the Constitution as what it is, our rule of law as a Country, know and understand this was our origin.

For this reason, we are very different than any other civilization in the history of mankind and we are poised to create new a history.  To prove that our Country was established and blessed by God.  To change the history that has happened in other civilizations of the past.  We have that rare opportunity to actually rewrite history and establish a new precedent for any future civilizations to follow for their creation.

In fact, I think this history is already written, because of our "birthing".  Because of our wise, God guided Founders.  Because of them we have the numbers of armed citizens never before seen in history.  No government has ever been faced with such a force as we have in America and that was the Founders full intent.  Their failure and defeat is assured.  All that is required is that we stand at our line in the sand and never retreat one, single inch.  Never give in on any loss of liberty or freedom from this point forward.  This will not be easy but it is what is required of us and in this we must not fail or our chance will be lost most likely forever.

How can I say their failure and defeat is assured?  History!

History is all they have to go by.  They look at what other governments have done in the past and they emulate and hope to achieve the same results.

In any other civilization before in history that would most likely work but AMERICA IS DIFFERENT!

They have overlooked this point in their arrogance and it will be their downfall, their destruction.  So if we do our part, their destruction is assured.

I am still scared for my Country even though in my heart I am assured that we will win the coming confrontation.  I don't want to face what's coming, what logical, common sense person could ever want such a thing, but I will not turn away from my Country in it's hour of need when it does come.  I will not initiate it but I will finish it.  I will not relish it but I will endure it.  I do not look for it's beginning but pray for it's speedy end.

My biggest concern is not for the winning but of what will come after it.  We must prepare now for the full reestablishment of the Constitutional Republic that we were created as and our Founders intended us to be, so America can continue to be different.

I pray that God will bless us in this endeavor as he so graciously blessed the Founders before us.

I've been quiet the last couple of days because I've really been thinking about how I wanted to approach this subject.

Everyone remembers the statement that Obama made about many of us bitterly clinging to our Bibles and guns.  Actually it was religion and guns but to me the Bible is my religion so I will use that.

Let's examine what that statement actually means in what's happening today with all the talk of gun control.

Naturally he meant it in a derogatory way but to me it's actually a "red badge of courage".  I count it an honor to be considered that way.

Religion and guns.  Guns and religion.  To many of us they really do go together like bread and butter.

How can I say that you might ask?

Let's start with the Bible.  Regardless of what the liberals would like you and the world to believe, America really was founded on Christian fundamentals.  Now is that to say that everyone was Christian?  Absolutely not.  However, the majority were strongly influenced by Christian and Biblical ideals of right and wrong.  The Country had direction.  It's people had direction.  The difference between right and wrong was definitely and strongly defined and most times enforced, at home, at work, and mostly even in government.

You see, even though being a Christian and having a personal relationship with God is important, for many, many years even without that it was commonly accepted to follow the right and wrong teachings of the Bible.  People made their common sense decisions based on Biblical teachings even if they did not personally believe in God.  They knew the difference between right and wrong because it made sense to them.

The point is that common sense, logical thinking people, even an atheist, in the past could admit that there is certainly no harm in following the Biblical teachings of what is right and wrong.  What's so wrong with that?  So what if it comes from an ancient book called the Bible.  Is loving your neighbor such a bad thing?  Is treating others like you would like to be treated such a bad thing?

That direction is what is missing today.  We as a Country have no established sense of right and wrong any more because we have no strong Biblical teachings any more.

Now to the guns.  America was founded on the use and ownership of guns.  Our founders knew and understood human nature.  That is why they were so able to establish such a wonderful and amazing form of government, the Constitutional Republic.

How does human nature relate to guns and gun ownership in how our Country was established?  Let's look at history.

What's the one constant throughout all of history?  Humans!

Whether they are smarter or dumber, richer or poorer, healthier or in poor health. History revolves around humans.

Looking at history you very easily see cause and effect.  We do this and this happens.  If we do it again, the same thing happens again.  It's proven over and over.  Situations change but human nature does not.  Humans today are the same as they were 5000 years ago.  Common sense and logic folks.  Why else would history continually keep repeating itself when we do the same things over and over.  Makes sense huh.

Our founders knew this.  The fully recognized that history would repeat itself if we did the things of the past yet again.  They warned us.  They tried to setup our government to prevent us having the same problems past civilizations have had and then they even told us what to avoid.  What more could we ask for?

They knew that it was human nature for governments to become too powerful and to take control of the citizens and make slaves out of them.  They had just fought a war against that very thing.  They had seen it in other situations and in history.  They knew that the only way to keep that from happening was to ensure that We The People were at least as well armed as the government.  They didn't specify what arms to include or exclude because to them there were no exclusions to the people since the people were the all powerful factor.  The government was secondary to the people and the people's desires.

Here are a few quotes that prove this point:

“A constitution founded on these principles introduces knowledge among the people, and inspires them with a conscious dignity becoming freemen; a general emulation takes place, which causes good humor, sociability, good manners, and good morals to be general. That elevation of sentiment inspired by such a government, makes the common people brave and enterprising. That ambition which is inspired by it makes them sober, industrious, and frugal. There is no good government but what is republican. That the only valuable part of the British constitution is so; for the true idea of a republic is “an empire of laws, and not of men.”’ That, as a republic is the best of governments, so that particular arrangement of the powers of society, or in other words, that form of government which is best contrived to secure an impartial and exact execution of the law, is the best of republics.”
John Adams

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”  John Adams

The reason for the 2nd Amendment was very evident.  It was to protect the people from their own government and to protect the other parts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Again, here are some more quotes from the founders.  In their own words it is absolutely unquestionable to anyone, with any common sense and logic whatsoever, what their intentions were:

“Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”  Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man".  Thomas Jefferson

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”  Thomas Jefferson

A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves … and include all men capable of bearing arms.” “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms…”  Senator Henry Lee

You can readily see that the Founders believed in both the Bible and guns and saw the need for both.  They had an extremely strong sense of right and wrong, that too is evident through their words and actions.  It matters not what their actual religion was, what their total beliefs were.  It matters that they lived what they believed in both word and deed.

To us bitter clingers, Bibles and guns go hand in hand.  Most of us apply the use of guns based on the right and wrong teachings of the Bible.  That's why to us the two go hand in hand.  The Bible is our guide book.  Our users guide if you would.

We still believe in the Constitution as it was written.  It was written in plain, simple, common sense, logical language.  Very understandable for us clingers.

Obama and our government should consider themselves lucky that we are bitter clingers.  If we weren't and didn't have our "users manual" handy, our patience would have already worn thin way before now.  So our clinging has actually given him some more time but now his time is up.

Our patience is now gone.  It is no more.  The line has been drawn and we will give no more.  This is not our choice but our beliefs will not allow us to give another inch.

We will continue our bitter clinging as our Founding Fathers did before us except now even tighter than before and you cannot remove either our Bibles, nor our guns from us while their is yet breath in us.