I guess I will be call a fear monger for posting things such as this but so be it. I've never paid much attention to name calling in the first place.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about re-educating Americans to their true Founding Documents as they are written and not as they have been interpreted by a government that has only IT'S best interest at heart.

However, along with the duty and responsibility I believe I, and in fact ALL of us, have to do that, we also have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and our families. We have the responsibility to be as prepared as we can be for any disaster or emergency that comes our way. The reality of our future is that we WILL suffer some disaster or emergency in the Country and it possibly will affect a large number of us.

It is NOT the place of government to do that for us. If we choose to think that way, we are doing nothing except making ourselves slaves of that same government because they are NOT going to do it without cost to US. That cost will ALWAYS be to the tune of our monies and our freedoms and liberties.

I personally am not willing to give those things up for something that I can and should do for myself.

In recent years, the term prepper has been sensationalized. Usually in a derogatory way. It has now become non-politically correct to provide for yourself and your family. If you don't depend on government you are shunned and denigrated. That could not be farther from what the Founders intended for us as a Country. In fact, it's an insult to them and the legacy they left us.

In fact, if you are NOT a prepper, you are doing yourself, your family, your community, and your Country a disservice.

There are a tremendous number of sites out there that tell you what to do and they provide you with a load of excellent information. What I'm going to provide here will be the basics but it will keep you from starving to death and initially that will be the biggest challenge that will have to be faced to keep the government out of your life.

I know this information is out on the internet somewhere but I'm not sure who to credit for it. I will just say it's not my original idea. What this is will provide the basic nutritional needs for a family of 4 to eat for one year. It's not gourmet or even a big variety. What it IS, is easy and cheap to get.

The reason I'm publishing this now is because I have a strong sense that our time is growing exponentially shorter by the day. If you are not already prepared, the time to do so might be extremely short. What I'm presenting here is something that most could do in a week or at most a month's time even on a very limited budget. Then from that point, you can build as you have time and money to do so to even more fill out your pantry.

Here are the list of food items you will need. This is the original "recipe" I have but I will make notes on the easiest way to accomplish it.

  • 4 x 22 pounds of white rice rice. I prefer 2 - 50# bags from Costco, Sams or anywhere else you can get it.
  • 2 x 11 pounds of Kidney Beans.  (22 one pound bags)
  • 2 x 11 pounds of barley.  (22 one pound bags)
  • 2 x 11 pounds of yellow lentils.  (22 one pound bags)
  • 1 x 5.5 pounds of split green peas.  (6 one pound bags)
  • 1 x 5.5 chick peas/garbanzo beans.  (6 one pound bags)
  • 30 pounds beef or chicken bouillon.  (or both) It will be added to each batch as you cook it.

Internet sources are the cheapest for the legumes and bouillon. I also prefer an NON-msg bouillon myself but that is your choice. Just search the internet and you will find many sources for all the items. I try to buy all I can from a single source to save shipping but that is not always possible.

Certainly you can buy all these items locally and there is some benefit to that such as paying cash so it cannot be tracked by the government if they choose to do that. You will most likely pay more but not a tremendous amount.

So what does this cost? Are you sitting down?

How about $250 or possibly less. That is ONE YEAR'S worth of food for a family of FOUR!

Now, I didn't say you would get fat on it. Or enjoy it. But you would not starve on it. However, I consider it to be just a "base" for a starting point.

Consider this. This is a soup recipe. This is how you use the these ingredients.

8 oz of rice

2 oz of red kidney beans

2 oz of pearl barley

2 oz of lintels

1 oz of split green peas

1 oz of chick peas/garbanzo’s

Bouillon to taste

Mix all the ingredients with 6-7 cups of water and boil until the ingredients are soft, probably around an hour. I personally would soak the kidney beans overnight before cooking them to speed cooking and make them more digestible.  This should be enough to feed 4 adults for 2 days, especially if you can make bread to go along with it.

Now this is the good part. This is just the base. Add meat, dried or fresh vegetables, garlic, potatoes, or just about anything you can think of and have on hand.

See where this is going? From this point the possibilities are just about endless which means this can apply to many varied tastes by varying the ingredients and any spices you have in stock. Stock some wheat and you can grind flour to make your own bread.

So after you have this stocked you can then begin working on stocking your other ingredients to increase the quantity and quality of the food you will have to eat.

Another source of savings and food storage is canning and drying your own food. You can pressure can all the various meats to use with these ingredients and you can also dry all the vegetables like potatoes, green beans, okra, carrots, onions, and many others.

So see how easily and quickly this can happen. It's not the difficult or outrageously expensive situation that many make it out to be.

Really there is no excuse not to do it. Most people blow that amount of money each month on going out to eat or other entertainment. Don't become a refugee, prepare now while you have the chance.

What is your family's safety and security worth to you? Get started today.

My posts over the past few days and weeks have shown a definite change in my mindset I believe.

For quite some time now I have definitely felt there is no turning back what we have done to our Country. I say WE, because it is the fault of us all. The ones that have taken actions to destroy this Country and the ones that have taken no action to save it from them. We have listened to their lies and fallen for all their deceit. I recently read an article by a woman who runs a really nice blog named Rural Revolution. She also writes for World Net Daily. Her article is here.

Her name is Patrice Lewis and she hits the nail on the head. The article is a big picture of what we have been force fed for years now and expected to believe without question. Anyone with half a brain now knows the government lies more than they tell the truth. Common sense tells us that what they say cannot possibly be true. Math doesn't lie and the math of their figures and reality just doesn't add up.

So, as we enter the new year of 2015, I believe that is the thing that is more important to us all, to truly be preparing for the new year and beyond.

Whatever that means to you is what you should do. Whatever that meaning is though, it must mean taking action. The time for sitting idle and waiting is past. If no action is taken now, you have no one but yourself to blame. You have been warned repeatedly. The facts have been presented plainly. This is not fear mongering. This is pure history at work and history DOES repeat.

I personally have resigned myself to the fact there is no recovering from where we are. We've gone too far down the rabbit hole to turn around.

What that means though is a positive actually. It means we now can devote all our energies to getting ready for what is coming, whatever that is and however severe it is. We can prepare and face it head on. That's the way Americans REALLY handle situations like this.

I will continue to cuss and discuss current events as they occur, however, my main focus will be on helping you think and use common sense to prepare you and your families for what lies ahead of us. We can't completely know what to expect but we can make some common sense assumptions based on history. If we prepare using common sense tactics, we will not be wasting our precious time and resources.

As an example, I have said that reading and gaining knowledge is one way to prepare. How can that be a bad thing even if nothing bad ever happens to you? It has a positive affect with little to no negative affects.

That is the way I will be approaching this with you. It's the way I'm doing things and I certainly don't have time, funds, or energy to waste so I will not suggest you do any different. My way is certainly not the only way to do things. It's just my way.

My hope is that I give you some guidance, some things to make you think, some things I do that I know work for me and my family. Take what you can use and leave the rest. However you do things and whatever you do, just use good old common sense and you'll be much further ahead of most other people in the Country.

From today forward I will move this discussion to the Self Sufficient Living Section of the blog so please check over there for more and expanded information. I will try to do at least one daily post there, sometimes more. I will separate them into different sections to make reference easier.

I sincerely believe that God will bless those that try to do the right things for their families. Those blessings might not be initially evident when you are in the midst of hard times but they will be there. I urge you to pray for guidance and wisdom. I do so myself everyday.

What choices do we have left to us to regain even a small part of our lost freedom?

Seriously think about that for a moment. What choices do we have?

Has voting worked?

Nope. No matter who we put in office, government gets bigger, more powerful, and takes more of our freedom. So that choice is out.

Writing and calling our representatives AFTER they have been voted for? See above, same answer. So that choice is out.

Doing nothing and hoping it will all work out? Well, that is mostly what we've been doing for decades now and how's that choice working for us? It's not, so that choice is out.

Revolution/rebellion? That choice is still on the table and hasn't been tried in 230+ years. It worked the last time but there are no guarantees now. We're a different people now than we were then. Not as moral. Not as hardy and tough both mentally and physically. We're basically just wimps overall. Even the military is being beaten into submission. This is still an option but not one I really want to see happen until every other single choice we have has been exhausted.

I'm open to suggestions here but as I see it we really have only one choice other than revolution. Withdrawing our consent to be governed by a corrupt and tyrannical government. As the old saying goes, just say NO.

That's what I've really been talking about the past couple of days. Withdrawing our consent to be governed. NO government can exist in that situation. If the people refuse to be governed the government dies, it's that simple. That's not to say it's easy though but what are our other options? I'm listening.  (crickets chirping.........)

We have to, as a society, begin removing our consent in every way we possibly can. Stop feeding the monster. PERIOD!

I'm going to list a few ways we can start doing this. Yesterday I talked about gaining knowledge to start becoming self sustaining. That's the place to start but granted that takes time. We need things we can also do immediately that will make a difference. Here are a few I think would be a good start.

1.  Stop using credit cards and no new debt. Pay cash for everything possible or at a minimum write a check. This hurts the big banks which hurts the government. Heck, the big banks ARE the government or is it the other way around. I've lost track of who owns who. Either way they are the same monster. In fact, stop using banks all together except for the bare minimum to pay the necessary bills. Why leave any extra funds in the banks for them to use? It's safer in your pocket or buried in the back yard. They pay you no interest for it why feed them just to risk having it confiscated at some point?

2.  Start immediately to get out of debt. Whatever it takes. Rice and beans, beans and rice. Eat them, Love them. Same reason as above.

3.  Support your local economy. Stop buying outside your community. Stop with the foreign suppliers like walmart and others. Buy local and american made if possible. This hurts the importers which hurts the government. It also hurts the big corporations like walmart which support big government because of corporate welfare and subsidies. If you can, barter for goods. As you learn more skills, swap them to people for goods and services you need. This keeps dollars out of government hands and in the hands that earned them. Over time this is a HUGE way to take back freedom. Multiple statewide and national barter networks would cause havoc within the government.

4.  Even though I feel voting is generally a waste of time now  I will say this, forget about federal elections we have no impact there. Get local. Focus on getting people in control of your local city and county governments that believe in small government and individual rights. Run yourselves if necessary but make it happen. Next, State and take the same approach. In one election cycle many local and state governments could be turned very conservative if we tried. We have no time left to wait and see if someone else does it. YOU must do it.

5.  Withdraw from the consumer economy as much as you possibly can. Don't buy anything new that you can buy used from another individual. Again, barter if possible. Get your car fixed instead of buying a new one. Even better learn to fix it yourself and save even more money. Do anything you possibly can to not feed the monster by paying sales tax and other hidden taxes on each and every new purchase you make.

6. Come up with your own unique ways to starve the beast. These are just a few very basic ones to get you started and thinking about it. Just start though.

The choices are limited but the alternative is continuing in slavery and folks that is what we are now. Slaves. We are as much slaves as any people in past history. Just in different ways. We no longer control our income. We no longer control our lives. We no longer control our families. In fact, what DO we still control? Very little if anything by my estimation.

Make your choice or it will be made for you and you will NOT like the outcome.

Let's talk about two of my favorite subjects today. Common sense and Freedom.

How do those two things go together?

I think most anyone today would have to agree that we are MUCH less free than we were yesterday, last week, last year, and definitely less than when the Founders created this Republic.

Where we are today is definitely not where they intended for us to be. We can see that by the restrictions they placed on government in the Founding Documents.

So how, really, did we get here?

Common sense says government requires basically two things to exist. You and your money, whatever form that money takes.

Government cannot exist without you and I to "govern" and it cannot exist without the funds to "govern". We all know where those funds come from.

So, again, using common sense logic, if either or both of those things are removed in large enough quantities, government will either be extremely restricted or cease to exist. THAT is what I want to focus on.

Over the past few days we have discussed how the elected representatives have totally disregarded our wishes, yet again. We've talked about each of us establishing and using our own "line in the sand". The biggest question is how do we do that. Once we establish we aren't going to take their crap any longer, how do we change things since we know with no doubt that our votes and voices no longer matter at all.

The answer to that is to remove one or both of their requirements to exist, US and OUR MONEY!

For quite some time now, several years, I have been working toward being more and more self sufficient. I've worked to gain all types of knowledge to assist me in that goal. I've read, studied, experimented where possible, and done what things I could afford to consistently move in that direction. I have not arrived but I have made significant improvements and advances. I've helped family members and friends when I could but I constantly wish I could do more.

Back to the common sense logic, think about this with me. If you are more self sufficient does that not take money out of the politicians pockets? If you pay less taxes does that not limit what the government has the ability to do? If you are more self sufficient does that not better shield you and your family when some crisis hits?

EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE has the capability to do something to be more self sufficient no matter where you live or what you do for a living. NOTHING you do is insignificant within the big picture. If enough of us do the little things along with a few of us doing more, we can and will have a major impact.

If you are doing something in this regards now, DO MORE. If you are doing nothing, just working and paying the government to do so, then get started. Think about some small things you can do. Grown vegetables in pots or a small plot. Have 3-4 chickens for eggs, it's simple. Cook at home instead of eating out, it's easy, and MORE HEALTHY once you learn how so don't give me the I don't have time excuse.

What's your family's safety, security, and FREEDOM worth to you? It's YOUR responsibility, not the government.

These things are merely a decision away and not making a definitive decision IS a decision also, so remember that.

Start today. Draw your line in the sand and begin taking your life and FREEDOM back from our tyrannical, freedom stealing  government.

We'll talk more in coming days about specific ways to do this.

It appears that we really have gotten the shaft from republicans, especially by the supposed conservatives.

After doing a little more research, unless I'm missing something it appears there is some sleight of hand going on here. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I am finding it reported that even the supposedly most conservative representatives like the South Carolina delegation of Gowdy, Duncan, and Mulvaney voted to bring the cromnibus lunacy to the floor for a vote and then voted no on the final vote.

Why would they do that? Why even let something as stupid as this get to the floor for a vote if it could be stopped?

The only reason I can come up with is so that it appears to us "little people" that they are looking out for us. So they can come back to us and say, LOOK, WE VOTED NO!

When in reality they didn't.

Here is the list as posted on of the ones that DID vote NO to bringing the bill to the floor for a final vote:

Congressman Amash of Michigan
Congresswoman Bachmann of Minnesota
Congressman Brat of Virgina
Congressman Brooks of Alabama
Congressman Broun of Georgia
Congressman Gohmert of Texas
Congressman Gosar of Arizona
Congressman Huelskamp of Kansas
Congressman Jones of North Carolina
Congressman Jordan of Ohio
Congressman King of Iowa
Congressman Labrador of Idaho
Congressman Massie of Kentucky
Congressman Posey of Florida
Congressman Salmon of Arizona
Congressman Stockman of Texas

We've been "GRUBERED".

They think we are stupid.

This is merely a way to fool us with their political garbage games and they need to be held accountable.

This is a way for them to fool most of the people who don't understand and watch close enough to know what they REALLY did.

So, in reality, they were being POLITICIANS and not representatives. They were looking out for themselves and their jobs and NOT US.

We told them in November what we wanted. We want this kind of crap to stop. We want government working for US as it should.

In their very first real test after the election, this is what we get, lied to, stabbed in the back, and made fools of.

If you don't see your representative on that list you, need to be asking some serious questions, like WHY. You are either against it or you aren't.

Stop with the political games.

Well, we are again saved from all dangers both past and future.  We will not go over the "cliff".  Yeah right

In my opinion, we are already over the cliff and just waiting for it to finally fall on us.

Let's examine our situation using the criteria I've established.

First, I am not an economic scholar of any kind.  I have no degrees to supposedly give me added insight and knowledge.  I'm a simple man using simple logic and common sense.

I grew up seeing a grandfather that owned his own business and worked hard all his life.  His son, my father, was in the printing business and in later years felt lead to go into the ministry as a Presbyterian minister.  The common thread with both was that they neither ever carried any debt for a long period of time.  They were, nor are rich, in a monetary way at least.  They did, however, have plenty to live on and "make ends meet".  They both owned their houses outright at early ages, paid for cars with cash, kept plenty of cash stashed on hand for emergencies, and kept savings for other needs as required.  We never ate extravagantly but ate well.  We never had the best clothes but were dressed well.  Our houses were modestly furnished but we lacked for nothing to any great degree.  If we wanted something we saved until we could afford it, no instant gratification here.

I realize this is a simplistic approach but why does everything have to be difficult.  The only reason I can see is to keep people confused and frustrated by not being able to understand it.

Our Country is broke, bankrupt, and there's nothing too difficult to understand about that.

When you consistently spend more than you take in, have no savings, continually borrow more money even though you can't pay it back, what other description could possibly be applied to the situation.

Now imagine a government run like the two households described above.  No debt means no interest to pay which means you are not subject to anyone else.  Debt means slavery to someone...period.  That interest money stays here in the economy.  When you don't have debt you can negotiate better pricing on things.  You are in charge rather than being controlled.

So, here we are having been supposedly saved from going over the government invented "fiscal cliff" but have we been saved from anything or rather driven further under the cliff waiting for the final part to cover us completely?

We have increased taxes, more income for the government and zero spending cuts.  So applying that to a household budget, you got a raise but your expenses stayed the same.  Sounds pretty good doesn't it.  This is where we can't exactly apply things in a household to things in government.  The simple reason is that in our households we are supposed to work for what we earn.  In government, they work for nothing and produce nothing, so nothing is added to the economy in any way no matter how they spin it.

So, yes they got a raise but they got it by taking it from us, the producers, the ones that keep the economy going.  We The People.  We are the ONLY ones that grow the economy and produce anything.  GOVERNMENT DOES NOT!  Common sense.  Government produces nothing to be sold for a profit, or a loss for that matter.  They produce nothing!

So, did they really accomplish anything positive?  No, not even in a little way.  In fact, they dog the hole for us majorly deeper, not that we could have climbed out of it before.  They took more money out of the economy and they took it from the ones that should be using that money to create jobs and build the economy.  Again, common sense says, if the job creators have less money, they create fewer jobs and they grow their businesses less, which means they pay less taxes which means less income for the government.

History over and over proves this.  Lower taxes means more tax revenue and higher taxes means lower tax revenue.  If people keep their money to do with as they please they generally work towards making more which means they pay more taxes.  If the government takes more, people look for more ways to avoid paying the higher taxes.  It's human nature, has been that way throughout history and will never change.  Any government that does not realize that is doomed to cut it's own throat, which ours has and will continue to do so until we force things to change.

Einstein said, " insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Now, the real purpose of this rant.  Nothing this government does is intended to accomplish anything except to keep our attention on something, anything, except the truth.  The truth that we are bankrupt and broke.

These people are not stupid, nor are they insane.  They know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing is exactly what they intend.  The intent is to destroy this Country and what it stands for.  Nothing else makes any sense.  Nothing else explains their unwillingness to do what we all have to do everyday if we run successful households or businesses.

Once we see and realize this.  It really narrows down what our options are to deal with these people and this out of control government.  Our options are narrowing greatly on a day by day basis.