Let's kick things off.

There are tons of blogs and discussions out there in internet land.  I read and participate in several myself.  Why another one?

I see many discussions of many things.  Over time I'm sure many of those same discussions will make it here also.  The difference is, here we will try to focus on what I will call "old timey common sense".

I'm going to try to keep things in perspective based on the logic of old.


History is the best teacher in my opinion.  If it worked before, the chances are much better that it will work again.  Is that always the case?  No, but more often that not it is.  I find that most people are frustrated with how things are going in the world and in their daily lives.  They are searching for ways to make things better, do things better, and just generally improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Will I step on some toes?  You betcha!  Do I intend to?  You betcha!  I'm old enough to be set in my ways but young enough to do something to help changes things for the better.  I will not change my opinion on anything unless proven factually wrong.  If you can do that, I'm open to anything.  If not, either accept my opinion or move on to something else and accept that I won't change.

With that settled, please feel free to comment.  I will allow all comments as long as they don't get personal.  We can discuss things without getting nasty.  If you can't then move on because you are not welcome.  Keep it civil and you are welcome to speak your mind.

A little more about me.

I believe in the Constitution as it is written and intended by the founders.  I've read much and an still reading constantly to learn more of their true intentions for this Country.  History is the best teacher remember.  My posts and thought will come from that background and basis plus my life experiences.  I was raised by two God fearing and worshiping parents who had a tremendous impact on me and I'm bless to still have them in my life providing even more influence.  I love and respect them dearly.

I'm what was called a jack of all trades and a master of none when I was growing up.  Meaning that I know how to do a lot of different things, most pretty good but few to an extremely high level of expertise.  I'm good with my hands, building things, repairing things, etc.  I'm a logical person rather than an emotional one, however, I do feel things very passionately.  I react with my head before I react with my emotions generally.  I was taught to balance the two against each other.  To use a Common Sense approach to everything big and small.

As things progress my hope is to provide my readers with useful things they can use in their daily lives.  From common sense ways of thinking about things to common sense ways of doing daily tasks that you might not have thought about.  Is my way the only way?  Absolutely not, but if I post it, that means I've done it and it worked well for me so you might want to give it a try.

I'm a working man.  I won't say a common man because I believe we are all more than common if we desire to be and I do.  My intent is to help you to make sense of the situations you might find yourself in today.  We're all in this together so we might as well travel the roads together and learn from each other.

Welcome and Enjoy!!