Common Sense Economics

Well, we are again saved from all dangers both past and future.  We will not go over the "cliff".  Yeah right

In my opinion, we are already over the cliff and just waiting for it to finally fall on us.

Let's examine our situation using the criteria I've established.

First, I am not an economic scholar of any kind.  I have no degrees to supposedly give me added insight and knowledge.  I'm a simple man using simple logic and common sense.

I grew up seeing a grandfather that owned his own business and worked hard all his life.  His son, my father, was in the printing business and in later years felt lead to go into the ministry as a Presbyterian minister.  The common thread with both was that they neither ever carried any debt for a long period of time.  They were, nor are rich, in a monetary way at least.  They did, however, have plenty to live on and "make ends meet".  They both owned their houses outright at early ages, paid for cars with cash, kept plenty of cash stashed on hand for emergencies, and kept savings for other needs as required.  We never ate extravagantly but ate well.  We never had the best clothes but were dressed well.  Our houses were modestly furnished but we lacked for nothing to any great degree.  If we wanted something we saved until we could afford it, no instant gratification here.

I realize this is a simplistic approach but why does everything have to be difficult.  The only reason I can see is to keep people confused and frustrated by not being able to understand it.

Our Country is broke, bankrupt, and there's nothing too difficult to understand about that.

When you consistently spend more than you take in, have no savings, continually borrow more money even though you can't pay it back, what other description could possibly be applied to the situation.

Now imagine a government run like the two households described above.  No debt means no interest to pay which means you are not subject to anyone else.  Debt means slavery to someone...period.  That interest money stays here in the economy.  When you don't have debt you can negotiate better pricing on things.  You are in charge rather than being controlled.

So, here we are having been supposedly saved from going over the government invented "fiscal cliff" but have we been saved from anything or rather driven further under the cliff waiting for the final part to cover us completely?

We have increased taxes, more income for the government and zero spending cuts.  So applying that to a household budget, you got a raise but your expenses stayed the same.  Sounds pretty good doesn't it.  This is where we can't exactly apply things in a household to things in government.  The simple reason is that in our households we are supposed to work for what we earn.  In government, they work for nothing and produce nothing, so nothing is added to the economy in any way no matter how they spin it.

So, yes they got a raise but they got it by taking it from us, the producers, the ones that keep the economy going.  We The People.  We are the ONLY ones that grow the economy and produce anything.  GOVERNMENT DOES NOT!  Common sense.  Government produces nothing to be sold for a profit, or a loss for that matter.  They produce nothing!

So, did they really accomplish anything positive?  No, not even in a little way.  In fact, they dog the hole for us majorly deeper, not that we could have climbed out of it before.  They took more money out of the economy and they took it from the ones that should be using that money to create jobs and build the economy.  Again, common sense says, if the job creators have less money, they create fewer jobs and they grow their businesses less, which means they pay less taxes which means less income for the government.

History over and over proves this.  Lower taxes means more tax revenue and higher taxes means lower tax revenue.  If people keep their money to do with as they please they generally work towards making more which means they pay more taxes.  If the government takes more, people look for more ways to avoid paying the higher taxes.  It's human nature, has been that way throughout history and will never change.  Any government that does not realize that is doomed to cut it's own throat, which ours has and will continue to do so until we force things to change.

Einstein said, " insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Now, the real purpose of this rant.  Nothing this government does is intended to accomplish anything except to keep our attention on something, anything, except the truth.  The truth that we are bankrupt and broke.

These people are not stupid, nor are they insane.  They know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing is exactly what they intend.  The intent is to destroy this Country and what it stands for.  Nothing else makes any sense.  Nothing else explains their unwillingness to do what we all have to do everyday if we run successful households or businesses.

Once we see and realize this.  It really narrows down what our options are to deal with these people and this out of control government.  Our options are narrowing greatly on a day by day basis.

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