Common Sense on Current Issues

First I'm going to make a statement, if you disagree with this statement then you might as well read no further.

WE ARE A COUNTRY BASED ON AND FOUNDED ON THE RULE OF LAW.  From this will come everything I will discuss today.

The immigration issue has been hanging over our heads for years now.  It's tearing the Country apart in many different ways.  I must be fixed immediately.

First and foremost we should be applying the laws that are on the books.  Of course, anyone with any common sense at all knows that is our problem in a multitude of areas.  Laws are applied as it benefits some politician usually, not equally, fairly, and consistently as it should be.

I approach this logically and not emotionally.  You don't think straight when you are emotional.  Bad decisions are usually made when you are emotional.

What is best for the Country may not be easy. nor the most "sensitive" or feel good solution.  Sometimes hard situations require hard choices.

We're broke so this limits us severely IF we care about that and take it into consideration.  I care so it will figure heavily in what I suggest.  You can't do the "extra" things when you are broke.  You do the necessary things.

Ok, here we go.

We have millions in the Country with expired visas.  They aren't supposed to still be here.  Send them home immediately.  If they want to come back, let them reapply and come back legally.  They have 6 months to comply or we deport them.

We have millions of illegal aliens.  Illegal means against the law.  This means they are criminals no matter how long they have been here.  If I break a law and get caught I have to pay one way or another.  There is no fine for being in the Country illegally like it was a traffic violation.  No, I won't accept a retroactive something.  They already broke the law.  They go home with their entire family  They have 6 months to comply or they get deported.

The borders will be secured.  Period.  Instead of just firing 20000 Marines, give them the option of joining the border patrol.  Move the ones that choose that option with their families to the areas they are needed, all expenses paid and put them to work securing the borders.

Any employer caught hiring illegal aliens will be fined $10000 for the first violation and it doubles for each subsequent violation with no maximum.  Hire illegals and go out of business.

Start fully enforcing the existing laws.  Stop playing stupid political games with our Country.

Is this hard?  Yes.  Is this insensitive?  Guess that depends on if you really care about your Country or not.  Illegals are costing us more than they are contributing.  It's hard economic facts.  Remember, we're broke.

If you break the law you should expect to suffer the consequences for your actions, fairly across the board.  Why should we, the legal taxpayers of this Country pay for someone else that breaks the law to be here getting the benefits of OUR Country?

Our Country was built on immigration.  LEGAL IMMIGRATION!  Organized immigration.

I have absolutely nothing against anyone that wants to live in this Country...LEGALLY!  Regardless of where they come from.  Just follow the pathway to be here legally and you are most welcome.  Otherwise, you're out!

This leads me to the next issue.

The 2nd Amendment.

I won't call it gun control because that is a misnomer.  There is no such constitutionally legal form of gun control in the way that term is used today.

The 2nd Amendment is the backbone that holds all the other Natural rights we possess.  Without it, the others will fall like leaves in the autumn.  George Washington actually called it the "teeth" of the Constitution.

This is the culmination of the trampling of all our various rights over the past decades.  Finally we're waking us up to what's been going on.  We're passionate about the 2nd Amendment but we should be about ALL of our rights and the whole Constitution.

I will not argue the intent of the Founders about this Amendment.  It's more than obvious to anyone who even basically does a little research on the matter and reads the multitude of very clear statements the Founders made.  They speak very plainly for themselves.

What I will argue is the lack of common sense logic being applied to the arguments being made to do away with guns.

Where is the logic in going completely against what history shows us?  It shows us where disarming leads, over and over.

Where is the logic in immediately making law abiding citizens criminals?

Where is the logic in adding more laws that will not affect what you are trying to affect?

Where is the logic in pushing people to the edge of fighting their government for something that is unarguably unconstitutional?

If you believe in this so strongly, where is the logic in not doing it legally?

Back to my first statement, we are a Country based and founded on the rule of law!

Submit a Constitutional Amendment to make the changes you want.  Convince us legally it is needed.  Make the factual, non-emotional, logical, common sense arguments required to convince us.

Do you fear that debate?  I don't.  I would gladly welcome it.  I feel very confident of my facts and argument.  Do you?

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