Founding Documents Class

This is where we will begin our journey together to conquer our ignorance of our Founding Documents.

As I said in my initial post about this, I will use mainly the Federalist Papers to explain the various portions of each of the Founding Documents. I will use a few other sources such as the Webster's Dictionary of 1828, quotes from other Founders other than the ones who wrote the Federalist Papers, and other documents that are the direct words from our Founding Fathers.

I am not some constitutional scholar nor am I claiming to be an authoritative source for this information. I am merely reading our Founding Documents and using the words of the original writers to understand the meaning of those Documents.

Being a logical thinking, common sense person, I can see no better way to understand those Documents than going to the original sources. If the writers of the Documents don't know what they meant when they wrote it, then who does?

We will go in the order the Documents were create in. That will be as follows:

Declaration of Independence


Bill of Rights

Amendments 11-27

I will take small sections of the Documents and apply what or Founders said to elaborate on that section. I will try not to interject to much of my own feelings and ideas but some of that is inevitable. When that happens, I'm certainly open for debate. However, when it is the words of the Founders directly, I can't see how there could be much debate to be presented unless you just flatly refuse to accept what they say. That, of course, is your right and you can remain in your ignorance if you choose. I hope that is not your choice.

There will be some sections that I probably won't touch on since many are just straight forward and rarely, if ever, questioned. That will also be some sections that I will spend quite a bit of time on, especially the areas that are highly question, misrepresented, misunderstood, or just plain ignored.

I will try to add a section on a regular basis. Hopefully not more than a couple of days apart. I think this is critical to our Country right now and I'm really feeling the need to get this going quick.

Let the learning begin!