Ignorance is Curable

One of my favorite sayings is that ignorance is curable with knowledge.

In fact, ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge. To be ignorant of something is not something to be ashamed of. Not being willing or trying to cure that ignorance though, now that is a different matter.

Several years ago, I realized how ignorant I was of knowledge and especially particular skills that I felt were needed by anyone who intended to be self sufficient.

I'm just an everyday guy who want's the best for his family. I have always been a handyman type person. The jack of all trades and master of none. I knew a little about a lot of things. However, I found myself lacking in what I would call "homesteading skills".

I made a conscious decision to gain the knowledge and skills I felt I needed so I began the journey.

What did I do first? READ! READ! READ!

I had never been an avid reader at all but as I started I found that it was something I truly enjoyed. It had probably been years, as in decades, since I had read a book from cover to cover. As I started this quest for knowledge I read dozens of different books. Some I bought to have for future reference. Some I got from the library. Some I read online.

This is a step that ANYONE can take immediately.

I read about gardening techniques. How to raise livestock. Blacksmithing. Knife making. Gunsmithing. Military matters and tactics. Solar energy. Herbal medicine. Essential oils. First Aid. How to drill wells. On and on and on. I continue to this day. Any subject that I thought might be of use to me, my family, and my community, I read about.

The knowledge I gained was tremendous.

Could I do all of the things I read about and do them well? Heck know BUT, I know what it takes and could figure it out if the necessity arose. At least I would know where and how to start.

So, you ask how can I start to take control of my life and begin to withdraw myself from government controls and retake my freedom?

I say again READ!

Begin with the basics. Food, shelter, water, clothing.

Begin reading about skills pertaining to those four categories.

To begin with I read multiple gardening books. Books on how to build different types of housing like timber framing, straw bale, cob, and others. I read about how to drill your own well, how to purify water, how to store water. I read about how to tan leather and make clothing from it, how to sew, how to knit, how to make linen from plant fibers.

Will I ever need some of that knowledge? Probably not, but that isn't really the point. If you have the knowledge, it can't be taken away from you just in case you DO ever need it. That alone makes you more free.

So just start. It's easy. Over the last 4-5 years I've acquired quite a nice library, mostly electronic, of reference material which I have stored on multiple sources. You can do it too.

Your freedom IS worth some effort isn't it?

More specifics on the way!

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