Individual Rights Common Sense

If I were to describe what the Founders main ideology, concept, idea, or what ever you want to call it was. I would describe it in two words, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!

That is what they were all about. That was their total focus.

The Founding Documents they created were based totally on the concept of individual rights. It was the core element.

That idea permeated everything they wrote and the way they lived their lives.

They devoted their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the principle of individual rights.

Whatever you might think of these men, I think we all can agree they believed in this concept with all their hearts.

Now considering that, why would they do anything in establishing a new government that would compromise that concept?

Is that logical? Would you be using common sense if you think they would? I think not.

Of course they would not have done ANYTHING to hinder individual rights. The thing they were fighting and dying for at the time. It just was not something they would even consider.

If they would not write anything into the new Founding Documents that would hinder individual rights then how can anyone today think that ANYTHING in those Documents suddenly has taken on that meaning? Is that logical?

Do you really think the Founders to be stupid men? What do you base that on if you do? I certainly see no evidence of it. They seem to be very intelligent and forward thinking in all areas. They had a tremendous grasp of human nature and because of that, very much predicted what the future would be and how it would develop if certain criteria was met.

So considering all I have said here so far, does it make sense to you that the Founders would have written ANYTHING in the Founding Documents that would have restricted individual rights as a whole? If you are honest with yourself, the answer must be an emphatic NO!

I believe it is beyond doubt.

Now let's look at government as it is today. Even the most uninformed American of today is agreeing that government is too big and out of control. This includes both liberal and conservative.

I also believe that most, if they really thought about it, would agree that big, intrusive government and individual rights cannot coexist. To have one, cancels out the other.

If government is NOT tremendously limited in size and scope, individual rights suffer or are stamped out all together.

So, let's combine these thoughts.

We can agree the Founders intended for us to have individual rights.  Since individual rights and big government cannot logically coexist, the Founders must have intended for government to be limited in size and scope. That's logical.

If that is what they intended when they wrote the Founding Documents, and they were not just writing those Documents for their immediate time, we must assume they intended for the Country they were fighting and dying for to continue to exist far into the future, then we can logically assume that what they were writing was intended to apply not only to their time but to the future as well.

I know this is making you use your logical thinking cap but bear with me a while longer.

Certainly the Founders wrote the Documents to apply to the future. They were not so shallow or short sighted as to write something only applying to their time. That being said, the argument the Constitution is "outdated" does not at all bear up to logical thinking since it was not written with any specific time line in mind. Logically it is obvious that if it applied then it would apply to the future. There is nothing in those Documents that is specific to that specific point in history except for events and we even see many of those happening again today. The writers used very generic terms specifically so they would be applicable at ANY time in history.

If the Founders wrote the Documents based on individual rights then, those Documents apply to individual rights today. If individual rights were inconsistent with big government then, they are inconsistent with it now. The documents have not changed in meaning just because we are 200+ years in the future. The words mean exactly the same things today as they did then when taken in the intent they were written.

So how is it those Documents can now be interpreted to mean that big government is now what the Founders meant and intended. Logically we cannot conclude that but yet it is happening.

It is not logical to think those Documents suddenly changed in meaning is it.

So why is it we accept someone telling us they have changed? That suddenly the meaning is that government can do whatever it wants, however it wants, whenever it wants and we must submit.

Of course, our Founding Documents have not changed. They are the same today as they were when they were written except for a few additions, some good, but most bad.

So if they have not changed how is it we find ourselves without most if not all of our Creator given individual rights the Founders intended for us to have?

In one word, IGNORANCE! Ignorance of our Founding Documents as they were written and intended.

Please take time today to start curing your ignorance and learning about our Founding Documents and what they mean to you and our Country. Go over and start reading my Founding Documents class. It will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Isn't our Country worth that much to you?

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