What choices do we have left to us to regain even a small part of our lost freedom?

Seriously think about that for a moment. What choices do we have?

Has voting worked?

Nope. No matter who we put in office, government gets bigger, more powerful, and takes more of our freedom. So that choice is out.

Writing and calling our representatives AFTER they have been voted for? See above, same answer. So that choice is out.

Doing nothing and hoping it will all work out? Well, that is mostly what we've been doing for decades now and how's that choice working for us? It's not, so that choice is out.

Revolution/rebellion? That choice is still on the table and hasn't been tried in 230+ years. It worked the last time but there are no guarantees now. We're a different people now than we were then. Not as moral. Not as hardy and tough both mentally and physically. We're basically just wimps overall. Even the military is being beaten into submission. This is still an option but not one I really want to see happen until every other single choice we have has been exhausted.

I'm open to suggestions here but as I see it we really have only one choice other than revolution. Withdrawing our consent to be governed by a corrupt and tyrannical government. As the old saying goes, just say NO.

That's what I've really been talking about the past couple of days. Withdrawing our consent to be governed. NO government can exist in that situation. If the people refuse to be governed the government dies, it's that simple. That's not to say it's easy though but what are our other options? I'm listening.  (crickets chirping.........)

We have to, as a society, begin removing our consent in every way we possibly can. Stop feeding the monster. PERIOD!

I'm going to list a few ways we can start doing this. Yesterday I talked about gaining knowledge to start becoming self sustaining. That's the place to start but granted that takes time. We need things we can also do immediately that will make a difference. Here are a few I think would be a good start.

1.  Stop using credit cards and no new debt. Pay cash for everything possible or at a minimum write a check. This hurts the big banks which hurts the government. Heck, the big banks ARE the government or is it the other way around. I've lost track of who owns who. Either way they are the same monster. In fact, stop using banks all together except for the bare minimum to pay the necessary bills. Why leave any extra funds in the banks for them to use? It's safer in your pocket or buried in the back yard. They pay you no interest for it why feed them just to risk having it confiscated at some point?

2.  Start immediately to get out of debt. Whatever it takes. Rice and beans, beans and rice. Eat them, Love them. Same reason as above.

3.  Support your local economy. Stop buying outside your community. Stop with the foreign suppliers like walmart and others. Buy local and american made if possible. This hurts the importers which hurts the government. It also hurts the big corporations like walmart which support big government because of corporate welfare and subsidies. If you can, barter for goods. As you learn more skills, swap them to people for goods and services you need. This keeps dollars out of government hands and in the hands that earned them. Over time this is a HUGE way to take back freedom. Multiple statewide and national barter networks would cause havoc within the government.

4.  Even though I feel voting is generally a waste of time now  I will say this, forget about federal elections we have no impact there. Get local. Focus on getting people in control of your local city and county governments that believe in small government and individual rights. Run yourselves if necessary but make it happen. Next, State and take the same approach. In one election cycle many local and state governments could be turned very conservative if we tried. We have no time left to wait and see if someone else does it. YOU must do it.

5.  Withdraw from the consumer economy as much as you possibly can. Don't buy anything new that you can buy used from another individual. Again, barter if possible. Get your car fixed instead of buying a new one. Even better learn to fix it yourself and save even more money. Do anything you possibly can to not feed the monster by paying sales tax and other hidden taxes on each and every new purchase you make.

6. Come up with your own unique ways to starve the beast. These are just a few very basic ones to get you started and thinking about it. Just start though.

The choices are limited but the alternative is continuing in slavery and folks that is what we are now. Slaves. We are as much slaves as any people in past history. Just in different ways. We no longer control our income. We no longer control our lives. We no longer control our families. In fact, what DO we still control? Very little if anything by my estimation.

Make your choice or it will be made for you and you will NOT like the outcome.

One of my favorite sayings is that ignorance is curable with knowledge.

In fact, ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge. To be ignorant of something is not something to be ashamed of. Not being willing or trying to cure that ignorance though, now that is a different matter.

Several years ago, I realized how ignorant I was of knowledge and especially particular skills that I felt were needed by anyone who intended to be self sufficient.

I'm just an everyday guy who want's the best for his family. I have always been a handyman type person. The jack of all trades and master of none. I knew a little about a lot of things. However, I found myself lacking in what I would call "homesteading skills".

I made a conscious decision to gain the knowledge and skills I felt I needed so I began the journey.

What did I do first? READ! READ! READ!

I had never been an avid reader at all but as I started I found that it was something I truly enjoyed. It had probably been years, as in decades, since I had read a book from cover to cover. As I started this quest for knowledge I read dozens of different books. Some I bought to have for future reference. Some I got from the library. Some I read online.

This is a step that ANYONE can take immediately.

I read about gardening techniques. How to raise livestock. Blacksmithing. Knife making. Gunsmithing. Military matters and tactics. Solar energy. Herbal medicine. Essential oils. First Aid. How to drill wells. On and on and on. I continue to this day. Any subject that I thought might be of use to me, my family, and my community, I read about.

The knowledge I gained was tremendous.

Could I do all of the things I read about and do them well? Heck know BUT, I know what it takes and could figure it out if the necessity arose. At least I would know where and how to start.

So, you ask how can I start to take control of my life and begin to withdraw myself from government controls and retake my freedom?

I say again READ!

Begin with the basics. Food, shelter, water, clothing.

Begin reading about skills pertaining to those four categories.

To begin with I read multiple gardening books. Books on how to build different types of housing like timber framing, straw bale, cob, and others. I read about how to drill your own well, how to purify water, how to store water. I read about how to tan leather and make clothing from it, how to sew, how to knit, how to make linen from plant fibers.

Will I ever need some of that knowledge? Probably not, but that isn't really the point. If you have the knowledge, it can't be taken away from you just in case you DO ever need it. That alone makes you more free.

So just start. It's easy. Over the last 4-5 years I've acquired quite a nice library, mostly electronic, of reference material which I have stored on multiple sources. You can do it too.

Your freedom IS worth some effort isn't it?

More specifics on the way!

Let's talk about two of my favorite subjects today. Common sense and Freedom.

How do those two things go together?

I think most anyone today would have to agree that we are MUCH less free than we were yesterday, last week, last year, and definitely less than when the Founders created this Republic.

Where we are today is definitely not where they intended for us to be. We can see that by the restrictions they placed on government in the Founding Documents.

So how, really, did we get here?

Common sense says government requires basically two things to exist. You and your money, whatever form that money takes.

Government cannot exist without you and I to "govern" and it cannot exist without the funds to "govern". We all know where those funds come from.

So, again, using common sense logic, if either or both of those things are removed in large enough quantities, government will either be extremely restricted or cease to exist. THAT is what I want to focus on.

Over the past few days we have discussed how the elected representatives have totally disregarded our wishes, yet again. We've talked about each of us establishing and using our own "line in the sand". The biggest question is how do we do that. Once we establish we aren't going to take their crap any longer, how do we change things since we know with no doubt that our votes and voices no longer matter at all.

The answer to that is to remove one or both of their requirements to exist, US and OUR MONEY!

For quite some time now, several years, I have been working toward being more and more self sufficient. I've worked to gain all types of knowledge to assist me in that goal. I've read, studied, experimented where possible, and done what things I could afford to consistently move in that direction. I have not arrived but I have made significant improvements and advances. I've helped family members and friends when I could but I constantly wish I could do more.

Back to the common sense logic, think about this with me. If you are more self sufficient does that not take money out of the politicians pockets? If you pay less taxes does that not limit what the government has the ability to do? If you are more self sufficient does that not better shield you and your family when some crisis hits?

EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE has the capability to do something to be more self sufficient no matter where you live or what you do for a living. NOTHING you do is insignificant within the big picture. If enough of us do the little things along with a few of us doing more, we can and will have a major impact.

If you are doing something in this regards now, DO MORE. If you are doing nothing, just working and paying the government to do so, then get started. Think about some small things you can do. Grown vegetables in pots or a small plot. Have 3-4 chickens for eggs, it's simple. Cook at home instead of eating out, it's easy, and MORE HEALTHY once you learn how so don't give me the I don't have time excuse.

What's your family's safety, security, and FREEDOM worth to you? It's YOUR responsibility, not the government.

These things are merely a decision away and not making a definitive decision IS a decision also, so remember that.

Start today. Draw your line in the sand and begin taking your life and FREEDOM back from our tyrannical, freedom stealing  government.

We'll talk more in coming days about specific ways to do this.

What is YOUR line in the sand?

Have you ever considered that? Have you given any thought to what it would take for you to say, that's it, no more, this stops here and now?

I see lots of people in the streets for various reasons. Cops killing people and exerting too much power. Racism, real or imagined. Too many taxes. Too much government. The list goes on and on.

With all that and more, have you ever personally thought about your line in the sand?

I have many times. Yes, as many of us who have, unfortunately that line has also moved many times. So in that respect, it wasn't truly that definite line in the sand was it.

It's not easy to pick that point and then hold to it. Things change and so do we. However, if we change too much, then do we become something we never intended and don't want to be? Sort of like the old story of how to boil a frog. If you raise the temperature gradually the frog supposedly won't jump out of the pot.

That is exactly what government, especially ones in the western world, bet on. That they can subject you to the "new normals" so gradually, you won't jump out of the pot and make trouble for them. They use all those nice politically correct terms that are easy on the ears and fool you into submission over time. Illegal is no longer means illegal. Illegal has such a harsh sound to it you know.

Unconstitutional no longer means breaking the national rule of law. It's merely something those radical people say when they don't like something that is good for them like abortion, wealth redistribution, illegal amnesty, and forcing us to buy a product we don't want being force on them for their own good. We, the government and liberals, DO know what's good for you after all.

The the recent budget fiasco, we even saw republican senators refusing to stand up for the Constitution when directly confronted with a vote about the VERY unconstitutional actions of the executive branch of our government. They even criticized Ted Cruz for even bringing it up. How dare he do something so foolish as standing up for the Constitution and asking them to do the same.

Do you see the lunacy? The total insanity and lawlessness of our government! Dare I say, the unconstitutionality of our government!

When a representative or senator cannot stand up and raise the question of constitutionality of the actions being taken by ANYONE in government don't you think that should make you think about where you should draw your line in the sand?

So again I ask, what point it enough for you? When do you rise up and say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more?"

I personally have reached that point. We each will reach it at differing times. We also each will react in different ways.

How we react is less important than the point that we DO react. We MUST each do something when we reach our line in the sand.

So what will you do? When will you start?

I ask each of you to use your common sense. Use the Founding Documents as a guide. Search your hearts and minds and yes, most definitely, pray.

Many of the Founders would have done just those same things.

Should we do any less?

Then take action. We've already been asleep way to long.

America was formed as a Constitutional Republic.

Originally, we elected representatives to the House and the States appointed Senators, unfortunately that was later changed to popular election which diminished the power of the States.

This form of government was intended to keep the power with the people first and then with the States. Most certainly NOT with the federal government. It WAS limited by specific enumerated powers. This was done for a reason, a very specific reason. Human nature. It is in human nature to take as much power as we can get if we are allowed so we must be restricted. Governments must be restricted or they will and do run rampant over citizens.

In November, the citizens of the former United States of America voted to give control of two thirds of it's government to one party. The opposite party to the one that had controlled two thirds for some time. The citizens did this in historic form. The republicans were given numbers rarely, if ever, seen at other times in our history as a Country. This was true in federal as well as State governments.

It was evident what the citizens intended. At least we, the citizens, knew and understood what we wanted and intended to have happen. We wanted things to change from what was being done. We wanted that change immediately if not sooner. We made it abundantly clear in no uncertain terms. We want the insanity of big government intrusion into our lives stopped and we expected the republicans to listen and obey the voices of we the people that elected them.

Now here we are immediately after the very first test of these newly elected representatives. Heck, they haven't even been officially sworn in yet and what do we have?


Surrender of our power, our voices. They have given away the biggest power they could have for half of the time they will have before the next election and they haven't even been sworn in yet.

What this says to me as a citizen of this once great Republic is that I no longer matter. What I say and think no longer matters. My VOTE no longer matters. My citizenship no longer matters. NOTHING about me matters EXCEPT what the government can extract from me that it finds useful for IT'S needs.

My rights don't matter.

My LIFE doesn't even matter if it doesn't serve the needs of the government.

Someone please enlighten me as to how these actions of our elected representatives indicate that we still have a working Constitutional Republic.

They do what THEY want. They vote for what THEY want. They don't listen to us. So again how is this a representative Constitutional Republic government?

There is only one answer. It isn't. The American Constitutional Republic no longer exists.

I for one have voted in my last federal election. Not that my votes over the past numerous elections ever meant anything anyways as the facts have proven.

It appears that we really have gotten the shaft from republicans, especially by the supposed conservatives.

After doing a little more research, unless I'm missing something it appears there is some sleight of hand going on here. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I am finding it reported that even the supposedly most conservative representatives like the South Carolina delegation of Gowdy, Duncan, and Mulvaney voted to bring the cromnibus lunacy to the floor for a vote and then voted no on the final vote.

Why would they do that? Why even let something as stupid as this get to the floor for a vote if it could be stopped?

The only reason I can come up with is so that it appears to us "little people" that they are looking out for us. So they can come back to us and say, LOOK, WE VOTED NO!

When in reality they didn't.

Here is the list as posted on redstate.com of the ones that DID vote NO to bringing the bill to the floor for a final vote:

Congressman Amash of Michigan
Congresswoman Bachmann of Minnesota
Congressman Brat of Virgina
Congressman Brooks of Alabama
Congressman Broun of Georgia
Congressman Gohmert of Texas
Congressman Gosar of Arizona
Congressman Huelskamp of Kansas
Congressman Jones of North Carolina
Congressman Jordan of Ohio
Congressman King of Iowa
Congressman Labrador of Idaho
Congressman Massie of Kentucky
Congressman Posey of Florida
Congressman Salmon of Arizona
Congressman Stockman of Texas

We've been "GRUBERED".

They think we are stupid.

This is merely a way to fool us with their political garbage games and they need to be held accountable.

This is a way for them to fool most of the people who don't understand and watch close enough to know what they REALLY did.

So, in reality, they were being POLITICIANS and not representatives. They were looking out for themselves and their jobs and NOT US.

We told them in November what we wanted. We want this kind of crap to stop. We want government working for US as it should.

In their very first real test after the election, this is what we get, lied to, stabbed in the back, and made fools of.

If you don't see your representative on that list you, need to be asking some serious questions, like WHY. You are either against it or you aren't.

Stop with the political games.

Well, if anyone had any questions about the true aspirations of the republican party they got their answer today.

We, the voters, told those idiots what we wanted in the November election. We told them that we are tired of what has been going on there. We told them we wanted it to stop.

What do the republicans do?

They immediately give up all their power for the next year. They give the pResident everything he wants and totally tie their own hands. Idiots! Stupidity to the MAX!

As far as I'm concerned the republican party is dead, finished. The only possible way to keep any support now would be a revolution and replacement of the entire leadership of the party. We all know that will never happen though because all any of them are concern about is keeping their precious jobs and power. The few good ones, and there are VERY few, are so overwhelmed by the idiots so as to be totally ineffective and useless. That, of course, gives the democrats exactly what they want. Zero competition. Zero push back. Zero resistance.

I for one am done with them. From this point forward, I will never again look for an R or D. I'll look for the person. I've always mainly done this in the past but many times I did vote R because of the platform being closest to my beliefs. No more. They stand for nothing. They have no values. They have no standards. Most of all they have no backbone.

There was almost a third of the republican house that did not support this bill.

I say that those people should immediately start their own party and withdraw from the now defunct republican party before it takes them down with it. Or was that the democrat party? Darn, it sure is hard to tell them apart these days. That's because THERE IS NOT DIFFERENCE!! They are one in the same.

I would 100% support a third party against these idiots. But that will never happen either. Too many of them would loss their jobs and power and that is their ONLY reason for being there.

Guess you can tell, I'm pissed off. I'm sick of this crap but unfortunately I'm not surprised. I knew this would happen. I even predicted it to my friends and relatives. I had no doubt that Boehner and McConnell would sell the Country out. I knew they had no intention of doing anything to change the status quo and they never will because they are as much a part of the problem as obama.

They, in fact, are the poster kids for everything that is wrong in washington. Power hungry, self centered, and egotistical. Looking out only for themselves and their power.

This proves we have exhausted the option of using the ballot box to make changes. When you put a party in power and they immediately give away one of, it not their only, power to illicit change, how could anyone feel anything except anger and betrayal.

When I think about how stupid this was, it just boggles my mind. How could anyone in leadership truly justify this except by saying they never had any intention of fighting obama and the liberals in any shape or form. That can be the only explanation.

Oh wow they are going to fight with DHS in March, big deal. We'll give up 99% to fight over 1%. Good logic and common sense they folks. NOT!

I'm done, but even more so, the republican party and it's leadership is done.

In a follow-up to yesterday's post, it was suggested on knuckledraggin.com site that I check out conventionofstates.com, which I did. Much of the information was nothing new to me but just said in different ways. Naturally they are selling a product/idea so they want to make it as palatable as possible.

The site is well written and well thought out as you would expect. To me that brings with it both good and bad. It seems professional, as it should, but to the common man that could also mean big money behind it bringing into question their true motives. Healthy scepticism hat on.

I do take those things into consideration when researching and gathering information from various sources but it is still valuable to assist in making your on common sense judgements and decisions.

The site covers many of the major questions that are raised about the Article V convention and the process surrounding it. The problems with most if not all of their answers is they are based on what they call historical precedent, since there has never been an Article V convention called. They dismiss many people with differing viewpoints on Article V by basically saying history speaks for itself. Of course, many of those people are also using history to raise their questions using differing interpretations, more on that idea later.

That's the real problem here. As I stated in my article yesterday, Article V as written is vague, there are no specifics. Conventionofstates says that is because the Founders had 32 pre-Constitutional conventions and so the processes and procedures were already set as far as they, the Founders, were concerned. To me, a common sense person, that is logical. However, it's also logical for me to read the Federalist Papers and other documents and be able to fully understand the Founders intentions about the contents of other areas of the Constitution like the general welfare clause and the commerce clause, both of which have been absolutely abused through legal "interpretations".

Therein lies the problem of the conventionofstates and others arguments. Even though they are perfectly valid, they use interpretations of history and intent. Nothing stops someone else from using the exact same history and intent and interpreting things in a totally different way. We've seen this over and over throughout our history especially with the judicial system. Much of our current case law comes from "interpretations" in this manner.

That to me is the most dangerous part of any consideration of using the Article V amendment process. If one group can interpret the processes and procedures one way, another group can interpret them in a totally different way there is nothing physically stopping them.

One interpretation says there is no way for there to be a run-away convention. The other interpretation says they can do whatever they want in the convention and are not limited by historical precedent.

One interpretation says the States make the rules. The other interpretation says Congress makes the rules.

One interpretation says the States select the delegates. The other interpretation says Congress selects the delegates.

So who determines who is right?

Common sense tells us this is not a good situation to be in. When there are not set rules and the rules are "up for grabs", those with the most power usually win and in this situation that would be the federal government, unfortunately. We've seen the States back down almost 100% consistently.

So again, I state, this whole situation is not one that I want to see happen. Partially because of all the unknowns surrounding the Article V clause but mainly because of my knowledge and understanding of human nature and government as a whole. Government's one and only goal is power, growing and maintaining power. So, it's common sense to expect the government will do everything possible to use an Article V convention for it's own purpose no matter that the Founders intended that not to be the case. Our government ignores the Founders intent each and every day so nothing new there.

This Article V process is a political process. By being a political process that mean by nature politicians will be involved. That also means acquisition of power for them by any means will be the goal. If we think otherwise we are being naive. Their actions have shown us this over and over. Their intent is to grow government, whether federal or State.

I believe the folks at conventionofstates have good intentions, so did the Founders. They are not the ones that concern me. It's the ones that seek to twist and distort the interpretations of history to meet their particular agendas that concern me. Unfortunately, there are no definite, established ways to do that consistently. Yes, it might be done but the cost for failure is catastrophic.

I still am of the mind we have no choice but to pursue an Article V convention but I am also even more convinced the possibility of an opposing "interpretation" taking things down the wrong path is very real and must be considered and even expected to happen. To do any less is to beg for failure and we all know what failure means.

Conventionofstates appears to be the largest and most organized of the Article V pushes. With that being the case, I would like to see them include a strong push for a major inclusion of private citizens in the process they are suggesting to the States. If the States were to mainly, if not 100%, use private citizens as delegates instead of politicians, that would go a long ways towards building acceptance of any amendments that would come out of the convention. It would also help to build/rebuild bridges within society that have been destroyed by the current administration in the areas of race particularly.

I just watched a video of Mark Levin at ALEC 2014 speaking about the calling of a new constitutional convention, what he is calling a "convention of the States".

I have long been opposed to this idea for many reasons. Yes, it is in the Constitution. Yes, I fully support and defend the Constitution. However, this area of the Constitution is, unlike most of the rest of it, very vague. It does not contain the usual deep thought processes of most of the rest of the Constitution. I think this could possibly be because of it's late inclusion in the final writing of the Constitution within 2 days of it being signed. Not much time for refining it and unfortunately it shows.

The concept is there, the reason behind it and it's intent are all very valid, but the process is not defined. In the world of 1776 that would have been dangerous. In the world of 2014, it's a disaster begging to happen.

Below is the comment I posted at theconservativetreehouse.com in response to the video. It explains where I stand now on this issue:


He wants one example of how a Constitutional convention can be “hijacked”, how’s the first one for evidence? The first convention was called for the express purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution of the time. We all know the end result, an entirely new Constitution, so it CAN happen and there is nothing in the current Constitution to directly prohibit it.

There is also the little thing of the wording of the current Constitution that states that CONGRESS shall call the convention once it is requested by the States. There is no wording there to support the process the Levin is proposing whereby the States just decide and then call their own delegates. There is no mention of HOW the delegates will be appointed, he’s making assumptions.

That is the problem with Article V, it’s vague, and we all know how government has used those situations in the past to it’s benefit and our detriment as citizens.

IF, and ONLY IF, the States can control the situation can this even remotely be successful. Even then, AFTER, amendments have been made we must ensure they are followed.

We have seen too many instances where the States will start something and then back off and let the feds have their way. If that happens once this thing starts, we’re done, there is no stopping it or reversing it at that point.

One of the things the Founders were so blessed with was their knowledge and understanding of human nature.

They knew and understood it is in our nature to become tyrannical and use our power to enslave others and take their freedoms and liberties. That is why they were so careful to attempt to put controls in place to limit that possibility. We have seen evidence of what their fears were, come to fruition over the last 200+ years and never more than today.

If there is even a microscopic crack in the process that is used to make a “convention of the States” happen, that crack will be used against us and if control of the process is lost by the States, it’s not hard to know the outcome, history and human nature has given us a multitude of examples.

So, just how much do we trust ourselves, our States? Do we have the Statesmen of 1776 currently in our States or do we have politicians that are there for their own enrichment?

Speaking of my State of South Carolina, no way would I trust them to do this. Yes, my State government is controlled by republicans. So what?

Levin spent 10 minutes of that speech telling us that both republicans and democrats are doing the same things in Washington and so we should think they aren’t in our States too? Really? They are there for one reason and one reason only, power. They want to have power and remain in power, it’s human nature. Once morals, ethics, and religious standards are tossed out the window as they have been in America today, humans revert to their base nature.

That was the difference in 1776, we had moral and ethical people that formed THAT Convention. Their thoughts were mainly for the Country. Where do you see that attitude widespread in ANY State government today? I challenge anyone to present proof.

So am I saying we shouldn’t do this? My mind says yes, we should run away from it because the evidence of history and human nature shows how it will most likely end and it will not be how we want. It will end with the final destruction of America as it was founded.

However, my heart says, we’re already dead, that America no longer exists even today. So if there is even a small chance that it will succeed, we have to try. BUT, we have to try with our eyes wide open, not through the rose colored glasses of Mark Levin and others.

We have to see through the glasses of history and human nature, knowing all the forces that will be against us being successful. Knowing they are even more powerful than they were against the original Founders. Their forces were external, ours are internal, close to us, and therefore even more dangerous and effective.

If a convention of States is successfully called there will be major attempts to hijack it from all directions. If even one is successful we lose, forever. America dissolves immediately with no hope of resurrection.

From that point, the only option left will be a call to arms. In all honesty, I believe that is the end result in this no matter which way we go.

However, as is supported by the laws of nature and nature’s God, those actions should be defensive in nature. Meaning, we should exhaust all options before that happens unless forced to defend ourselves before those options can be used.

So, those are the stakes in this gamble as I see them. Are we willing to accept them? Do we have a choice? Unfortunately, I fear we don’t. We’ve painted ourselves into a corner by being asleep at the wheel for the last 100 or so years."

As you can probable tell, I've been dragged kicking and screaming to this conclusion.

There is no way I trust anyone in federal, State, or even most local governments to do this for me. I can count on one hand the number of people I personally would trust with this outside of myself.

So, with that being said, and since there is no established process for this in the Constitution and we are just "winging it" anyways, let's go all out. Let's go all wild here with how we get this done.

It's, according to Levin, the States that will dictate the process. Then let the States pick delegates from US! We the People! Not politicians. Not legislators. Everyday, normal people. You and me.

Pick us to do this, then we can't say we were railroaded by politicians. If we fail, it's OUR fault, but if we succeed, it will be the biggest form of success we could ever have. We could once and for all show the rest of the Country and the world that we AREN'T racist. We can include ALL colors of Americans in the process. No, we still won't make everyone happy but that will never happen anyways, it's human nature.

With a process of this type we could bring back the common sense so lacking in government today. The common sense of the common man. The same common sense the original Founders brought to the table in the writing of the original Founding Documents.

We would have no agenda to stay in power as politicians would. We would have only one agenda, the Constitution.

So how could this happen?

I would suggest a test of some type. A civics type test, similar to the one given for citizenship except maybe even more in depth. Then, an interview, if you passed the test, by a panel of people knowledgeable about the founding of this Country, the Founders, and the original Founding Documents. Knowledge of the law doesn't matter. That is what has destroyed the Country to this point, mindless, senseless laws. We need people who know what the Founders intent was and want to return to that. Not lawyers looking for ways to twist things to fit what they want it to say. In fact, if I had my way, I would disqualify all lawyers from the process. Since juries are made up of 12 people, there should be 12 delegates from each State. That should be enough people to give a good cross section of the State's population. Enough to give a broad consensus of opinions.

So, once the process for selecting the delegates is established, the States move forward with that. Once selected, the delegates from each State would then meet and establish their amendment objectives. That way when the Convention officially starts, there is a base to work from and each State is totally on the same level.

Once the convention has started, that's where the States stop.

They then turn over all responsibility to the delegates to do their jobs. No interference. Much like juries are sequestered. The delegates expenses are paid in full and some reasonable amount given to help support them during their time away from jobs and family. Other than that, they should be mostly separated from any outside influences for however long the process takes. This would be a job taken because of desire to help the Country, not one to benefit you financially. It will be a hard job and it should be.

This is where we know if the States are serious about the process or not. If they are not willing to do something like this but choose to retain control and use politicians as the delegates, we know it's still about power and not about the Country and the Constitution. I don't want to hear any garbage about the experience and knowledge of the legislators being needed. They have failed at their jobs, now it's our turn.

So, bottom line. I don't want this to happen. I don't think the outcome will be positive for the Country and the Constitution. However, it appears it is the last option we have short of immediately taking up arms or letting the Country be destroyed from within. It may still be destroyed with or without this action but at this point in our history I see no other choice.

Again, if we must do this, we must do it with our eyes open. Knowing that all forces against us will be attacking in force from all directions using any means they see fit, both legal and illegal.

I'm not saying my ideas are the only ones that will work but to say as Mark Levin does that it's not possible for a Convention to be hijacked is not only naive, it's absurdly dangerous. Who would have thought we would be where we are as a Country 20, 30, 50 years ago? To have arrived at a point where a convention of the States is possibly the only hope left to save us and even that probably won't not work. If you are going to push for a convention at least push it with the truth that people need to hear so they aren't surprised when the "impossible" happens.

If I were to describe what the Founders main ideology, concept, idea, or what ever you want to call it was. I would describe it in two words, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!

That is what they were all about. That was their total focus.

The Founding Documents they created were based totally on the concept of individual rights. It was the core element.

That idea permeated everything they wrote and the way they lived their lives.

They devoted their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the principle of individual rights.

Whatever you might think of these men, I think we all can agree they believed in this concept with all their hearts.

Now considering that, why would they do anything in establishing a new government that would compromise that concept?

Is that logical? Would you be using common sense if you think they would? I think not.

Of course they would not have done ANYTHING to hinder individual rights. The thing they were fighting and dying for at the time. It just was not something they would even consider.

If they would not write anything into the new Founding Documents that would hinder individual rights then how can anyone today think that ANYTHING in those Documents suddenly has taken on that meaning? Is that logical?

Do you really think the Founders to be stupid men? What do you base that on if you do? I certainly see no evidence of it. They seem to be very intelligent and forward thinking in all areas. They had a tremendous grasp of human nature and because of that, very much predicted what the future would be and how it would develop if certain criteria was met.

So considering all I have said here so far, does it make sense to you that the Founders would have written ANYTHING in the Founding Documents that would have restricted individual rights as a whole? If you are honest with yourself, the answer must be an emphatic NO!

I believe it is beyond doubt.

Now let's look at government as it is today. Even the most uninformed American of today is agreeing that government is too big and out of control. This includes both liberal and conservative.

I also believe that most, if they really thought about it, would agree that big, intrusive government and individual rights cannot coexist. To have one, cancels out the other.

If government is NOT tremendously limited in size and scope, individual rights suffer or are stamped out all together.

So, let's combine these thoughts.

We can agree the Founders intended for us to have individual rights.  Since individual rights and big government cannot logically coexist, the Founders must have intended for government to be limited in size and scope. That's logical.

If that is what they intended when they wrote the Founding Documents, and they were not just writing those Documents for their immediate time, we must assume they intended for the Country they were fighting and dying for to continue to exist far into the future, then we can logically assume that what they were writing was intended to apply not only to their time but to the future as well.

I know this is making you use your logical thinking cap but bear with me a while longer.

Certainly the Founders wrote the Documents to apply to the future. They were not so shallow or short sighted as to write something only applying to their time. That being said, the argument the Constitution is "outdated" does not at all bear up to logical thinking since it was not written with any specific time line in mind. Logically it is obvious that if it applied then it would apply to the future. There is nothing in those Documents that is specific to that specific point in history except for events and we even see many of those happening again today. The writers used very generic terms specifically so they would be applicable at ANY time in history.

If the Founders wrote the Documents based on individual rights then, those Documents apply to individual rights today. If individual rights were inconsistent with big government then, they are inconsistent with it now. The documents have not changed in meaning just because we are 200+ years in the future. The words mean exactly the same things today as they did then when taken in the intent they were written.

So how is it those Documents can now be interpreted to mean that big government is now what the Founders meant and intended. Logically we cannot conclude that but yet it is happening.

It is not logical to think those Documents suddenly changed in meaning is it.

So why is it we accept someone telling us they have changed? That suddenly the meaning is that government can do whatever it wants, however it wants, whenever it wants and we must submit.

Of course, our Founding Documents have not changed. They are the same today as they were when they were written except for a few additions, some good, but most bad.

So if they have not changed how is it we find ourselves without most if not all of our Creator given individual rights the Founders intended for us to have?

In one word, IGNORANCE! Ignorance of our Founding Documents as they were written and intended.

Please take time today to start curing your ignorance and learning about our Founding Documents and what they mean to you and our Country. Go over and start reading my Founding Documents class. It will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Isn't our Country worth that much to you?