Preparing for the New Year

My posts over the past few days and weeks have shown a definite change in my mindset I believe.

For quite some time now I have definitely felt there is no turning back what we have done to our Country. I say WE, because it is the fault of us all. The ones that have taken actions to destroy this Country and the ones that have taken no action to save it from them. We have listened to their lies and fallen for all their deceit. I recently read an article by a woman who runs a really nice blog named Rural Revolution. She also writes for World Net Daily. Her article is here.

Her name is Patrice Lewis and she hits the nail on the head. The article is a big picture of what we have been force fed for years now and expected to believe without question. Anyone with half a brain now knows the government lies more than they tell the truth. Common sense tells us that what they say cannot possibly be true. Math doesn't lie and the math of their figures and reality just doesn't add up.

So, as we enter the new year of 2015, I believe that is the thing that is more important to us all, to truly be preparing for the new year and beyond.

Whatever that means to you is what you should do. Whatever that meaning is though, it must mean taking action. The time for sitting idle and waiting is past. If no action is taken now, you have no one but yourself to blame. You have been warned repeatedly. The facts have been presented plainly. This is not fear mongering. This is pure history at work and history DOES repeat.

I personally have resigned myself to the fact there is no recovering from where we are. We've gone too far down the rabbit hole to turn around.

What that means though is a positive actually. It means we now can devote all our energies to getting ready for what is coming, whatever that is and however severe it is. We can prepare and face it head on. That's the way Americans REALLY handle situations like this.

I will continue to cuss and discuss current events as they occur, however, my main focus will be on helping you think and use common sense to prepare you and your families for what lies ahead of us. We can't completely know what to expect but we can make some common sense assumptions based on history. If we prepare using common sense tactics, we will not be wasting our precious time and resources.

As an example, I have said that reading and gaining knowledge is one way to prepare. How can that be a bad thing even if nothing bad ever happens to you? It has a positive affect with little to no negative affects.

That is the way I will be approaching this with you. It's the way I'm doing things and I certainly don't have time, funds, or energy to waste so I will not suggest you do any different. My way is certainly not the only way to do things. It's just my way.

My hope is that I give you some guidance, some things to make you think, some things I do that I know work for me and my family. Take what you can use and leave the rest. However you do things and whatever you do, just use good old common sense and you'll be much further ahead of most other people in the Country.

From today forward I will move this discussion to the Self Sufficient Living Section of the blog so please check over there for more and expanded information. I will try to do at least one daily post there, sometimes more. I will separate them into different sections to make reference easier.

I sincerely believe that God will bless those that try to do the right things for their families. Those blessings might not be initially evident when you are in the midst of hard times but they will be there. I urge you to pray for guidance and wisdom. I do so myself everyday.

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