Self Sufficient Living

This section will be devoted to common sense thoughts and ideas about self sufficient living. I will use things that I actually have or am doing,  have done in the past, or have definite plans to implement in the future.

I will try to not include too many things that I cannot personally vouch for by personal experience. The only reason I will is if common sense says it is a good idea but I know that they is most likely I personally will not be able to implement it in a reasonable amount of time myself. Just because I can't doesn't mean you can't since all our situations will vary.

I do plan to focus on things that are reasonably simple though. Things that mostly will just require a change in the way you think or do things on a daily basis. Like making your own cleaning products instead of buying them as an example.

I will do my best to be complete and clear about the steps I take that work for me but if I do not accomplish that then please feel free to ask questions either in the comment section or the forums and I will do my best to clarify.

I feel very strongly about this. At this point in our Country's history I firmly believe this is our next to the last option. We have got to become more self sufficient to be able to withdraw from government as much as possible and begin starving the beast.

The decision is yours, I've made mine. Are you going to continue to just complain about the government taking your freedom or are you going to step up and do something definitive about it. Something that will not only affect the government negatively but will affect you and your family positively in many, many ways.

As I said, I've made my decision.

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