This is a very broad topic since almost anything we do can and in many ways does affect our health.

It is also one of the many ways our government seeks to control us.

Anything I cover hear will be something that I personally do in my life. That does not mean that it is appropriate for you and your situation. However, most things will be very non-specific and can be broadly used.

I make absolutely no definitive claims about what works except to say that I use it myself. Take that for what it is worth and make your own responsible, common sense decisions.

That is what this is all about anyways isn't it? Taking personal responsibility for you and your family's lives?

Don't trust me, trust yourself. Do your research as I have and continue to do daily. One source is not generally proof of anything. Research, read, learn and gain knowledge.

Generally what I will share here will be in the area of first aid. Basic things that anyone can to but will put you an the path to being more sufficient. I take no claim for any of this, it's all knowledge available from many sources. Where I know my source I will cite them but much of this I have had for years and the original sources have faded from memory.

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