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It appears that we really have gotten the shaft from republicans, especially by the supposed conservatives.

After doing a little more research, unless I'm missing something it appears there is some sleight of hand going on here. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I am finding it reported that even the supposedly most conservative representatives like the South Carolina delegation of Gowdy, Duncan, and Mulvaney voted to bring the cromnibus lunacy to the floor for a vote and then voted no on the final vote.

Why would they do that? Why even let something as stupid as this get to the floor for a vote if it could be stopped?

The only reason I can come up with is so that it appears to us "little people" that they are looking out for us. So they can come back to us and say, LOOK, WE VOTED NO!

When in reality they didn't.

Here is the list as posted on redstate.com of the ones that DID vote NO to bringing the bill to the floor for a final vote:

Congressman Amash of Michigan
Congresswoman Bachmann of Minnesota
Congressman Brat of Virgina
Congressman Brooks of Alabama
Congressman Broun of Georgia
Congressman Gohmert of Texas
Congressman Gosar of Arizona
Congressman Huelskamp of Kansas
Congressman Jones of North Carolina
Congressman Jordan of Ohio
Congressman King of Iowa
Congressman Labrador of Idaho
Congressman Massie of Kentucky
Congressman Posey of Florida
Congressman Salmon of Arizona
Congressman Stockman of Texas

We've been "GRUBERED".

They think we are stupid.

This is merely a way to fool us with their political garbage games and they need to be held accountable.

This is a way for them to fool most of the people who don't understand and watch close enough to know what they REALLY did.

So, in reality, they were being POLITICIANS and not representatives. They were looking out for themselves and their jobs and NOT US.

We told them in November what we wanted. We want this kind of crap to stop. We want government working for US as it should.

In their very first real test after the election, this is what we get, lied to, stabbed in the back, and made fools of.

If you don't see your representative on that list you, need to be asking some serious questions, like WHY. You are either against it or you aren't.

Stop with the political games.

Well, if anyone had any questions about the true aspirations of the republican party they got their answer today.

We, the voters, told those idiots what we wanted in the November election. We told them that we are tired of what has been going on there. We told them we wanted it to stop.

What do the republicans do?

They immediately give up all their power for the next year. They give the pResident everything he wants and totally tie their own hands. Idiots! Stupidity to the MAX!

As far as I'm concerned the republican party is dead, finished. The only possible way to keep any support now would be a revolution and replacement of the entire leadership of the party. We all know that will never happen though because all any of them are concern about is keeping their precious jobs and power. The few good ones, and there are VERY few, are so overwhelmed by the idiots so as to be totally ineffective and useless. That, of course, gives the democrats exactly what they want. Zero competition. Zero push back. Zero resistance.

I for one am done with them. From this point forward, I will never again look for an R or D. I'll look for the person. I've always mainly done this in the past but many times I did vote R because of the platform being closest to my beliefs. No more. They stand for nothing. They have no values. They have no standards. Most of all they have no backbone.

There was almost a third of the republican house that did not support this bill.

I say that those people should immediately start their own party and withdraw from the now defunct republican party before it takes them down with it. Or was that the democrat party? Darn, it sure is hard to tell them apart these days. That's because THERE IS NOT DIFFERENCE!! They are one in the same.

I would 100% support a third party against these idiots. But that will never happen either. Too many of them would loss their jobs and power and that is their ONLY reason for being there.

Guess you can tell, I'm pissed off. I'm sick of this crap but unfortunately I'm not surprised. I knew this would happen. I even predicted it to my friends and relatives. I had no doubt that Boehner and McConnell would sell the Country out. I knew they had no intention of doing anything to change the status quo and they never will because they are as much a part of the problem as obama.

They, in fact, are the poster kids for everything that is wrong in washington. Power hungry, self centered, and egotistical. Looking out only for themselves and their power.

This proves we have exhausted the option of using the ballot box to make changes. When you put a party in power and they immediately give away one of, it not their only, power to illicit change, how could anyone feel anything except anger and betrayal.

When I think about how stupid this was, it just boggles my mind. How could anyone in leadership truly justify this except by saying they never had any intention of fighting obama and the liberals in any shape or form. That can be the only explanation.

Oh wow they are going to fight with DHS in March, big deal. We'll give up 99% to fight over 1%. Good logic and common sense they folks. NOT!

I'm done, but even more so, the republican party and it's leadership is done.